New Monitor Will Soon Be Needed

  johndrew 16:38 26 Aug 2014

My old Optronix OP-7005L is starting to play up and flicker; well it is over seven years old. Can anyone suggest a reliable TFT display with a clear/sharp screen up to 21" that is a reasonable price?

I believe experience beats all the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere!

Many thanks in anticipation.

  bumpkin 23:00 26 Aug 2014

My experience LG very good and sensibly priced.

  bumpkin 23:06 26 Aug 2014

Also got a 22" Bush combined TV and monitor for around the same price as just the monitor about £120 that is good too.

  johndrew 10:27 27 Aug 2014

Many thanks for your replies.

I really should have said that most of what I do is home video, photos and family research as a result colour and clarity are very important.

I am not a gamer either but do appreciate a good, clear screen as my eyes are getting older and a slightly larger area will only mean bigger words to read!!

LG also has a reasonable reputation but AOC seem to have more choice; whether this is good or bad I am unsure but more choice in my case tends toward more confusion!!

We have a TV and I see little point in buying a combined unit. It seems to me that I would only be spending money on something I would not use and something extra to go wrong.

Once again thanks for your replies I shall keep looking at what is on offer but any other suggestions are very welcome.

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