New monitor VGA - DVI cable help needed

  Safi 13:23 04 Dec 2008

I've just received a new high end monitor designed for professional photo editing as a birthday gift.

For optimum calibration it requires a DVI to DVI connection. My new monitor has the DVI socket but the PC only has the blue VGA socket.

What I need to know is can anything be done? Could it be as simple as just needing some sort of adapter or does my PC need an upgrade and if so what?


  FreeCell 14:27 04 Dec 2008

You can get an adaptor DVI to VGA but you need to make sure that you get it the right way with male and female ends. Think you will need a VGA male
Example click here

  Safi 15:01 04 Dec 2008

Oh, that's good news.

I don't understand the male/female stuff.

I have a DVI to DVI cable but am having to use the VGA to DVI cable at the moment.

Obviously I'll need the VGA end of the adaptor to fit into back of pc and the DVI end to fit into the DVI to DVI cable. Is that correct?

Can you explain very briefly about the male/femalel bit please? What would happen if I got the female instead of the male?

  wee eddie 15:38 04 Dec 2008

Without appearing scynical...

The Male part has a shaft and the Female, a hole.

  Safi 16:36 04 Dec 2008

Ok, ok, I knew this was going to happen when I asked about the birds and the bees of computers and electronics - lol!

I just assumed that VGA was a VGA wherever the socket was and likewise with a DVI.

  FreeCell 16:42 04 Dec 2008

wee eddie is right but in more technical terms the male is a pin, and the female a socket (a hole).

You say "I have a DVI to DVI cable but am having to use the VGA to DVI cable at the moment."
If you have a VGA to DVI cable then you shouldn't need any adaptor as you can connect the VGA card connector on your PC to the DVI connector on the monitor. The adaptor just allows you to do the same with a VGA to VGA cable.

What you lose is the better graphics capability of DVI. To enable this you would need to install a video card in the PC (assuming it is a desktop) that has DVI output. You may have on-board graphics at the moment.(ie driven by chips on your motherboard)

  Safi 17:10 04 Dec 2008

So what I need is a new video card that has DVI output.

It says that to get full advantage of automatic calibration I need to have digital video connection.....which is where the DVI out comes in?

I have a chap I can contact who may be able to help.

Thanks so much for your advice - I appreciate it.


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