New monitor switching off at regular intervals.

  carlton1 12:37 01 Dec 2018

I've a new Samsung U28E590D 4k monitor paired with a new Dell XPS15. I'm using the display port with a USB C adapter to connect to the PC. I have the monitor set as screen 2, with the laptop as screen 1. Screen 2 (monitor) is designated main screen. The laptop is plugged into the mains.

It appeared to be working ok yesterday but today the monitor seems to turn off every 10 minutes . The monitor's blue power/standby light starts flashing (normally off whilst operating). The laptop screen does not switch off and reverts to being the main display. I can only switch the monitor back on by unplugging the USB C cable and plugging it back in. This happens whether I am working on the PC or not.

I thought this might be the laptop's display power settings so changed it to turn off screen after 2 minutes - but this turns off both screens only after lack of use and both can be started again by touching the mouse or keyboard, as you'd expect. The monitor still turns off every 10!

Can anyone offer any helpful advice?

  rdave13 15:35 01 Dec 2018

Just a guess - check in your monitor's settings that the timer is off if there is one. click here.

  carlton1 18:01 01 Dec 2018

Cheers. I ignored that monitor setting because it is on but set to 4hrs. But just switched it off to be sure and no change!

  rdave13 18:37 01 Dec 2018

Possibly setting the dedicated GPU as preferred might help. Strange that the monitor sleeps after 10 mins and not the laptop's as that makes me think it's a monitor setting.

  carlton1 20:08 01 Dec 2018

Ok - not entirely sure how to do that. I have Intel HD Graphics 630 and Radeon RX Vega M GL listed under display adapters. I noticed that the Intel one was updated day before yesterday so I tried rolling it back but no difference.

I also suspected that it is a monitor setting so reset to factory settings - no difference.

  Flat Earther 20:34 01 Dec 2018

Have you updated to the latest BIOS and drivers via the Dell website.

There was an issue about 2 years ago with XPS13/15, where the WiFi card conflicts with the USB/Thunderbolt controller and causes it to reset every 10 minutes and loses connection to the display.

I would of thought that would be ironed out by now, but might be worth testing if the problem persists with Airplane mode enabled, or with the WiFi adapter disabled in Device Manager.

  wee eddie 20:54 01 Dec 2018

May be a silly question.

What is the Monitor's power supply?

  rdave13 21:16 01 Dec 2018

Radeon has it's own software as opposed to Nvidia which I use. Do you have Software Adrenalin Edition or Crimson installed? Should be settings there that can make the Radeon the preferred GPU.

  carlton1 12:16 02 Dec 2018

Thanks all for your replies.

@ Flat Earther Yes, I updated BIOS yesterday. I just tested in Airplane mode and it behaved the same, switching off after 10 minutes.

@ wee edie Samsung 14v 3.215A

@ rdave13 It is Adrenaline. Under Switchable Graphics tab it says "View and configure the GPU settings for your applications. Current applications is showing AutoCAD. Recent Applications is blank. Even on autocad there is only the option to choose power saving or high performance. I cannot see how to choose GPU.

Under "Display" settings there is a link to Graphics Settings but that has no option to choose GPU for the display.

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