New monitor for Laptop, but won't connect

  Dan Dawson 17:15 30 Dec 2016

Hi I have a new monitor (View Sonic) and am trying to connected it to my ACER Laptop. The laptop only has hdmi cable which I've connected, but the two aren't linking, the monitor just says no signal and goes to power saving mode. I've tried duplicating the screen, extending, two different cables and am at a loss.

I've gone to the device manager and looked at display adaptors,but under there is just says Intel HD graphics. When i go to display settings it doesn't recognise any monitor at all.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


  Forum Editor 17:43 30 Dec 2016

"the monitor just says no signal"

That's probably because it is waiting for you to tell it which signal source to use.

If you have a button on the monitor marked 'Input' or 'Source' press it and see if you can select your laptop's graphic output.

  Dan Dawson 17:55 30 Dec 2016


I tried all the buttons on the monitor, it doesn't seem to have a input or source button.

  Jollyjohn 18:17 30 Dec 2016

Have you tried FN + F? to cycle through "Laptop only" Laptop and External screen" External screen only". On my laptop the Dell is FN + F1 but on my Acer it is FN + F5.

Also try booting laptop with screen connected, do you get anything?

  Dan Dawson 18:46 30 Dec 2016


Just scrolled though the F F5, when it went to second screen only, when it came back it said couldn't find another screen to connect to and to check my connections. I've tried two cables, still says the same. Just rebooted and still nothing.

  difarn 22:27 30 Dec 2016

If you right-click on your desktop and click on properties, then settings, are you given icons of monitors and choices on how to set up the two monitors?

Have you done a search to find out the actual FN + F keys your particular model of laptop uses to toggle between dual monitors? Some Acers use FN + F3, for example.

  BRYNIT 23:02 30 Dec 2016

What OS are you using have you checked you have up to date drives? If you upgraded to Windows 10 have you checked you have the correct drivers installed.

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