New monitor hard to wake up.

  john bunyan 19:49 13 Mar 2015

I have just bought a new Samsung S24D590L monitor for my Windows 7 desktop. It is connected to the PC with a DVI out of PC and HDMI in to the monitor. I loaded the drivers from the installation CD. All is well except if I leave the room and the PC display goes off after the allotted time, it does not return as I "swish" the mouse, as the old NEC monitor did. I have to switch the monitor off and on , then the picture returns. Is there a way of restoring the "old" way of waking the monitor up ?

  Belatucadrus 20:26 13 Mar 2015

According to the Samsung Manual S24D590L has an internal Off function which and I quote

*For products for the market in Europe, the Off Timer is set to automatically activate 4 hours after the product powers on. This is done in accordance with power supply regulations. If you do not want the timer to activate, go to MENU > SETUP&RESET and set Off Timer to Off.*

You haven't said how long it was on or how long it was left but it looks as if the monitor is currently powering off and will not respond until turned on again. Check the settings and turn off the OFF timer.

  chub_tor 21:29 13 Mar 2015

Try clicking the mouse button or hitting a key on the keyboard instead of moving the mouse. That works for my Benq monitor

  john bunyan 09:38 14 Mar 2015

Thank you, gentlemen. I will look at both options. I did scan the manual and will try both suggestions.

  john bunyan 10:58 14 Mar 2015


I could not find the MENU>SETUP&RESET in the manual that came with the CD; will keep looking.

The function I meant was waking up after my "turn off display after 10 mins" setting in power options.


Hitting a keyboard key did the trick, thanks.

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