New monitor display is washed out @ native 1080p

  Ian in Northampton 20:30 02 Jul 2014

How are you connecting the Iiyama? This is a shot in the dark, but there can be quite significant differences between one connector type and another in terms of the refresh rate/colour space they will support. I'm wondering if what you're seeing is, for example, a reduction from 32-bit colour to 16-bit colour because the connector can't handle 32-bit colour at maximum resolution. That might explain why you're getting a better image at lower resolution. (Just as an fyi, I write quite a bit for professional AV mags, and there are things about 4K that surprised me. Basically, the connector doesn't yet exist to support full-on 4K because of bandwidth issues. 4K TVs that you can buy today will, if I understand correctly, not support the full 4K spec. That's where I'm coming from on this.)

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