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New modem query.

  Bald Eagle 19:45 30 Dec 2009

I've bought a new D-Link DSL-320B modem for when I go to France mid January. Running Vista on both my computers. Knowing that electronics usually "fry" immediately or last for ever I coupled it up to my English based machine and was going to leave it in use for a week. Prior to fitting it my usual modem was getting about 4600 kbps down and 780 up. The new one gets 5100 down but only 100 up! I used the CD provided to set it up and the only change I made was to change the MTU from 1492 the new modem factory setting to 1432 the TalkTalk setting.

I have great trouble even getting an upload test to work it just seems to "freeze" after the download test. Putting my original modem on reverts everything to normal. Any suggestions as to what may need adjusting on the new modem?


  T0SH 21:14 30 Dec 2009

In France there seems to be different standards used for ADSL

France(1) VPI=8 VCI=35 PPPoA LLCSNAP (RFC 2364)

France(2) VPI=8 VCI=67 PPPoA (RFC 2516) or PPPoE (RFC 2364)

MTU is best tweaked on the line you are currently using this is what I use

click here

Cheers HC

  Bald Eagle 15:21 31 Dec 2009

Can't install new firmware because it says it requires connection to the net whilst doing it. It drops the connection before anything can happen. I've been on to the supplier for a return and refund.


  Bald Eagle 11:21 01 Jan 2010

Done a factory reset and inputted everything manually. Now if I do a speed test I get ~5 kbps download and then it sits for a minute or so "thinking" about the upload test, it then says 10ish kbps for 80% of the test then rattles up to 500 kbps but freezes at 90% of the test done!

I think it's a return to supplier.


  Bald Eagle 11:22 01 Jan 2010

Sorry should be 5000!

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