new modem install wont work

  tinny76 11:45 09 May 2003

I have just installed a new intell v.92 dial up pci modem card in my mates computer running 95. windows notices this and the driver seems to install fine. when i go to control pane to test however and click on it it says that there may be a port number problem???????
Does htis mean that i have to amnnualy set an IRQ number in the bios for this device??? what does it mean?????? anyone any ideas?????
Thanks in advance.

  Gerrycan 12:03 09 May 2003
  woodchip 12:38 09 May 2003

No you have probably got the com port wrong, there may be a jumper on the modem card you can alter, check the instructions

  woodchip 12:50 09 May 2003

PS if there is a jumper, it will change IRQ and COM together

  tinny76 00:42 10 May 2003

cheers for the advice , ill have a look and see what i can do............

  bowman 08:08 10 May 2003


Have a look in the 'control panel' for a icon for 'Intel V92 Modem' you can set the com port from there. Well you can in mine? (win98se)

Hope this helps.

  tinny76 10:35 10 May 2003

cheers bowman,
daft question but what do i set it to? does it matter or do i just go to device manager and pick a com, any com that isnt being used?????
thanks in advance

  woodchip 12:45 10 May 2003

the modem is set to work on one Com port, unless you alter it as I said above it's finding the one that it's set for. it will be in instructions

  woodchip 12:46 10 May 2003

PS Read the Readme file or info on the Disc you got with the modem in explorer

  bowman 13:31 10 May 2003


I have mine set on com 2, you will also have to set the country to 'UK'... Default, I think is com 4?


There are no jumper settings on the Intel 536 V92 modem it,s all set up with software commands. This type of modem is not quite a 'Hardware' modem, more of a 50/50 some of the commands are programed into the onboard chipset and some are loaded through software. (So I've been lead to believe)


I hope we are talking the same modem, sorry if this is the wrong one.

Hope this helps.

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