New modem causes PC to Freeze

  [DELETED] 09:53 01 Mar 2006

Have just installed a new internal dial up modem on my windows 98 PC, the Pc has not previously been used for internet connection. The driver has installed Ok and recoginises the hardware. Tried to signup to a internet provider, but as soon as dial up process begins the mouse/keyboard freezes. I then have to switch off/on again on processor.
I tried modem in diffrent PCI slot, reinstalled software etc, same problem persists. have tried signing up with diffrent suppier via internet explorer, no better. Have returned modem to shop, obtain a replacement from a diffrent manufacturer, repeated process of intsllation, same problem again. HELP !!!!

  Diemmess 10:07 01 Mar 2006

This may be a question of manual configuration of the new modem.
I have memories of frustration when installing in a new 98 system, there always seemed to be conflict between the sound card and the modem.

If you can find the place (in Control Panel) where you can choose the Com Port and the Interrupt, then you may find that you can choose Com3 Interrupt 5.

Look out too, for an opportunity to make your modem search for itself
That always seemed the place of happiness for me!

  [DELETED] 10:32 01 Mar 2006

If you can, get rid of Windows 98 & install XP. You'll find that new hardware is mysteriouly detected & life suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Min spec for XP is PIII 500, with 64Mb RAM, 8Gb HDD.



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  [DELETED] 16:24 02 Mar 2006

Still having problems, installing XP isn't a viable option. I really need to work with 98, or alternatively I do have Win 2000, which I can upgrade to. Does any one know if this is likely to help ? I really cannot believe that making an internal modem work could be so problematic. Any further suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  Diemmess 17:27 02 Mar 2006

The dark art or so it used to be of coaxing Windows to accept a modem, is a reason to upgrade.
The real downside..... is asking too much of an older, slower computer with less RAM is also very real. Also your special software may not run on a more advanced system.
(When you have the right circumstances a leg up to Win 2000 is very worthwhile and very close to XP lacking only some of the extra twiddlybits which you wont miss if you've never had them!)
If control panel shows no yellow triangles and the driver is correct, no conflicts in memory interupts, then I am left guessing.

The more knowledgable may jump on me from a great height, but I have heard of "soft" and "hard" modems.
It may be that a small (cheap) soft modem gets most of its instructions from the Operating System, While a hard modem does most of its own housekeeping. If that is true, then the finger points at the new modem not getting enough support from 98.
Don't give up. That is the gut boiling nature of a modem problem and 98.

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