new mobo...reinstall?

  gingepaul 18:13 01 Mar 2003

hi all, my mate got a new mobo, case, ram, processor today, but is keeping his hard drive for the time being.
what i want to know is are we going to have to reinstall windows? its a pretty clean install with not a lot installed.
will it even boot.
we've just got to fit the h/s fan when i go back round later then were gonna fire it up, so we'll soon find out, but if someone could give me a few pointers i would appreciate it.

  Rayuk 18:17 01 Mar 2003

Usually best to reinstal windows for new motherboard.
If your new board has the same chipset as the old one you may get away with it,just to test it.

  gingepaul 18:19 01 Mar 2003

its not even remotely the same, new one is a nforce 2 for athlon, old was for a cyrix chip, older than my dad. will it boot?

  Legolas 18:21 01 Mar 2003

As Rayuk says try it and see you might be fortunate, but going by my experiences it usually needs a format and reinstall.

  Elrond 18:22 01 Mar 2003

This article may come in use if the windows is XP. Don't know bout others.

http://;EN-US; 314082

When i did what your mate wants to do I did what this article said to do and all went well.Basically I think it makes sre your regesitry will have all IDE controllers etc. Have a read thru see what you think

  gingepaul 18:24 01 Mar 2003

its win 98, i'll try it anyway, will it cause any damage tring to boot it?

  DieSse 18:24 01 Mar 2003

You might get away without re-installing - but it will be hassle anyway. My experience is that a format and clean install gives you a far better running system.

  Elrond 18:31 01 Mar 2003

Further to my post, I would have to agree with the others that a format and clean install wud be best option. Although my machines works and performs fine, I reckon performance wud be better if I had reformatted. At the time I cudn't be doin with the hassle of re-installing everything. and boy have i got a lot of stuff installed. All the best

  gingepaul 18:32 01 Mar 2003

yeah i know its best to reinstall, but he'll be getting a new hd soon, so it'll mean doing it all again, thanks for the heilp though.

  Elrond 18:38 01 Mar 2003

Getting a new drive wont necessarily mean doing it all again. e.g, most HDD's come with, or you can download from manufacturers web, utilities for copying the entire contents of a drive over to your new one or you could purchase something like drive Image. I personally use maxtor drives and find the Maxblast software a doddle.

  bda72 18:38 01 Mar 2003

As others have said I would reinstall and save any possible hastles and if there is not to much to put back on then why not.

I have changed motherboards in the past and got into a bit of a knot until I found out how to repair winXP which, not suprisingly, got very confused at going to sleep using an SIS chipset and waking up to find VIA had moved in.

My bad memory says it wasn't much bother to get it running again once I found out what to do but if your going to all the trouble of changing boards best do the clean install too.

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