new mobo, unusual problem

  Knot2sure 19:19 16 Aug 2005

I have just bought a new mobo to replace a failing msi KT-6V, new mobo is an msi K7, the problem i am having is the computer will not boot. Symptoms are as follows,

initially when the powersupply power is on (not the computer) the power LED on the fromt of the computer is alight, albeit not as brightly, as are the 4 LED's on the 'd' bracket (thses show the 'power on' configuration) even though the computer has not been switched on at the front

after i switch the computer on, i got the RAM initialised beep, but the monitor remains off, there are no beeps after that, and no HDD activity, though the 'd' bracket goes through the full boot sequence from all red to all green.

I have checked and double checked connections and all the power switch jumpers and im now at a loss, i have the board up on the risers so a short is doubtful, could it simply be a faulty board? I know all the other components were working fine on the previous board (which had a memory module problem). Any ideas?


  howard60 19:35 16 Aug 2005

do you have any usb cables plugged in? these can stop some booting. Other than that you could have your front case cables incorrectly connected.

  Terry Brown 19:40 16 Aug 2005

Are you sure the system is fully earthed and have all jumpers in the correct position including the RED jumper near the battery, which is the the BIOS clear/Reset, as this can cause the problems you state.Have you tried putting the Monitor on without the computer, you shoud get the message NO SIGNAL. I assume you have not bent any pins when connecting the monitor, mouse,keyboard etc.Try running with a basic set up. ---Disconnect all cables to the hard drive(s),unplug all PCI boards (except to your monitor)and the memory modules. Put a boot disk in the floppy drive to see if it boots up. If sucessful, add 1 component at a time, until you get an error or a full system (Don't forget to turn off and discharge any static before touching any components)--You did discharge any static from your body and the case before assembling--didn't you ?.Let us know how you get on.

  Totally-braindead 19:47 16 Aug 2005

Is this board not one of the ones that uses the extra 4 pin power connector, if so are you sure you connected that, its easy to overlook if you're not used to this type of board.

  Knot2sure 20:30 16 Aug 2005

Firstly, USB cables, all are removed, i disconnected the front usb connectors too just to be sure.

The system seems to be earthed fully, as far as i can tell, all jumpers are ok, i checked these, i even built the system up from scratch a 2nd time, with the same result, i tried clearing the cmos just to see if anything resulted, and nothing did. Monitor is in full working order, checked with another PC and all cables connectors are straight as an arrow. Havent tried the one by one system boot yet, will get onto that tomorrow.

I have connected both connectors to the board, i know its easy done, i did it with the other MSI board!

One odd discovery though, i mentioned in my original post the the 'd' bracket got through to the OS boot, now i am noticing that sometimes it does and sometimes it dosent, sometimes it stops at bios initialisation, sometimes at floppy controler, and occasionally i get the 2 tone beep code from the system speaker. I will try building the system again, but i am beginning to feel i could have a faulty board as im having a hard time beliveing there could be so many errors, (then again it could be a faulty d bracket). Ill let u know how it goes, thanx for the posts, u gave me a few extra things to check!

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