New mobo problems. Help!

  Grady 21:00 19 Jan 2005

Having purchased a Mobo bundle with Celeron D 2.4Ghz processor and a MSI 848P Neo-V, I cant get it to boot up properly. I have two HDD's. One has Win98 and the other Win XP. When I try to boot to the Win XP one, a blue screen message appears saying that there is a problem. It says if it is the first time I have seen the error message, then reboot. It says if it keeps happening then I should uninstall any newly installed hard drives and also chack them for errors.
I booted in safe mode and Scandisk-ed the Win XP drive. There were no errors on it. The Win98 drive will only boot to Safe mode. When I try a normal boot it says there was an error when installing NDIS?

I just don't know what to do!!

  Busy 21:09 19 Jan 2005

You would be wise to look on the MSI forums here click here ,so many possible reasons for your problems-Ive had invaluable help at these forums for my MSI K8t neo mobo.Give it a go

  josie mayhem 21:24 19 Jan 2005

When changing motherboards, it is far better to do a complete clean install of the OS, because each make type of mobo will have diferent mobo drivers that may not be compatable with what loaded into the OS on the hard drive.

It sounds like you might have a change with the win98 version, because you can get into safe mode, so it might be possiable to find the old mobo drivers and uninstall them and then load your new mobo drivers on.

But with the xp versions, you might be lucky if you've got the xp disc, boot up with this and try the recovery and see if this wil help. Or try the recovery consel, you will need knowledge of DOS to sort it, otherwise it is a case of format the haerd drive and do a fresh install.

A fresh install is always the best when changing mobo.

Hope this helps

  Dan the Confused 21:37 19 Jan 2005

click here may help fix the Win98 problem. You will probably need to download the fix onto floppy and run it from there.

  Mikè 21:37 19 Jan 2005

Ideally you should do a clean install of windows, rather than using hdd's with Windows already on.

  Mikè 21:37 19 Jan 2005

Must hit refresh more often.

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