New MoBo Dead?

  Martlet 20:40 02 Apr 2005

I have just connected up a new MoBo (Asus P4c800-E)+ P4 2.8 CPU 512Mb PC3200 & a MSI FX5500 Graphics card to a PSU. However there is no beep code when I power-up and the monitor remains in StandBy.
PSU appears to be working I have checked the voltages at the IDE, ATX & Drive plugs, & all are OK.
The CPU & Graphics Card fans, & hard & optical disks all powerup, but nothing from the MoBo or Monitor.
Any suggestions will be much apreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:41 02 Apr 2005
  Martlet 22:12 02 Apr 2005

1. Monitor card not fully inserted in Mobo slot
2. Monitor card requires power source
3. Monitor card u/s
4. Monitor cable not inserted correctly /pins bent / cable damaged.
5. Memory not fully inserted
6. faulty memory try mem test
7. faulty PSU (unlikely if fans and drives working)
8. faulty motherboard
9. BIOS settings incorrect for CPU / memory
10 faulty CPU
11. CPU shutting down through overheat check thermal paste between cpu and heatsink fan

1. Card is fully inserted
2. No power source Reqd
3 New card (purchassed with MoBo)
4. Cable (and Monitor) OK Tested using old Comp (currenly online with)
5. Memory (2 chips) removed & re-inserted singly and in pair
6. Cannot do Mem test
7. PSU voltages checked, all OK
8. New. cannot contact vendor until Monday
9. Cannot get to BIOS
10.CPU from previous incarnation, known to be good.
11. New past applied when installed.

All other respondents,
External Speakers connected to MoBo outlets
Case speaker connected to MoBo terminals.Good speaker, stripped from other (working) Comp
ATX +12v Square plug installed (MoBo does not shutdown when removed - except by removing mains power cord from PSU)
Jumpers only for Clear RTC (Reset), Keyboard Power (Enabled), USB Device Wake-up(enabled), SMBus2.0 for PCI (Disabled).
If Monitor is disconnected from Card, Signal Failure is shown on Monitor.

  DieSse 00:48 03 Apr 2005

Try taking out the CPU and refitting - even lift the socket lever up and down a few times - this can clean up the pins on old processors somewhat.

  goonerbill © ® 01:11 03 Apr 2005

what is the output of the PSU. sounds as if that may be the problem. remove everything/disconnect all items from the mobo apart from mem, hard drive with O/S on, graphics card and CPU. now bootup, if pc runs ok, you will know that the PSU is not suppling enough power to the pc with everything connected/installed. if pc dont bootup correctly still, you will know that the problem lies with either the mem, cpu, graphics card or hard drive.

  2neat 05:42 03 Apr 2005

you could leave out the hard drive too for mobo check!

  the kopite 06:14 03 Apr 2005

make sure heatsink and fan are fitted correctly kopite

  Martlet 18:47 03 Apr 2005

Thanks for the suggestions, which I have tried but with no success. My MoBo manual gives Beep Codes for No Memory or VGA, CPU Overheat & Good Bootup, nothing to indicate No Beep.

Tried another (old/defective?) MoBo I have with same results.

Still not sure about the PSU despite doing a Voltage check on all outputs and finding them good.

Now going to take out the PSU from the old Win98 M/C I am online with and see if that has any effect. Alas it does not have a 12v square plug, so a bit more fiddling.

"I am going outside a while and may be gone some time"


  DieSse 20:19 03 Apr 2005

No beep simply means the BIOS can't even run enough to egt to the programmed beep codes. This can mean a faulty CPU or RAM or less likely, a plug-in board.

The only way to find which is to substitue each in turn, or try them in a known working system.

You could take out the motherboard, and try to run it not screwed into to the case - just in case you have managed to short something out when you fitted it. A common problem is a mounting stand-off fitted to the case, where there in no corresponding mount hole in the board.

  goonerbill © ® 16:47 04 Apr 2005

the PSU may be in full working order but if it only supplies 250watt and everything in the pc needs say 350 watts, the psu is not going to be able to supply enough power to get the pc going. this could be why you are not getting anything. also you could have a problem with one of the other components CPU, RAM etc: as mentioned by DieSse.

please say what mobo, cpu, ram and everything else that is installed in the pc and also look at the PSU, on the side somewhere there should be a label telling you what wattage it is. this may help us track down what the problem is quicking instead of keep guessing.

Make sure the stand offs already fitted to the case line up with the holes in the MB. Ones that are not required but touvhing the MB will cause a short and prevent startup.

Good luck

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