SGT [email protected] 23:10 05 Aug 2004


click here

  User-312386 23:56 05 Aug 2004

another forum

  kev.Ifty 23:56 05 Aug 2004

"By Registering, You Will Have Full Access To Many Other Things Than A Guest Would.
So Come & Join Us Today."

Guess what i found extremely irritating?? 01:26 06 Aug 2004

Something to do with a (swearword) box that scrolls down with you?

  Forum Editor 07:05 06 Aug 2004

you'll remove that scrolling pop-up immediately. I left the site without looking any further, and so will most other people I feel.

  Talented Monkey 12:36 06 Aug 2004

And im not joking either. no point what so ever for that STUPID scrolling box get rid of it maybe when you do that we will start to look at rest of your webpages

  Talented Monkey 20:18 07 Aug 2004

I wonder if SGT Barnes had no intention of seeking help but using these forums as a source of free advertising.

Maybe i will be proved wrong and changes will be made!

  PC Advice Sir 19:22 09 Aug 2004

Just passing through the various topics, but never bothered with the crafty link this individual has posted to exploit PCA.

I hope they terminate him for his misuse of the forum.

P. ;-)

  SGT [email protected] 22:13 09 Aug 2004

i only asked what you thought of it , and now i've obviously got your answers.

no it wasnt a crafty link , and no i didnt exploit PCA , if that was my intention i would have posted it in the help room and the consumerwatch forum.

thanks for the advise and critisism , that was the idea of the thread in the 1st place.

  PC Advice Sir 20:50 12 Aug 2004

If you invite, you may get a response...Hence the old saying "Beware of what you wish for - you might get it"

Hope you enjoyed the conclusion to your query


  Taran 21:31 12 Aug 2004

a couple of points worth keeping in mind:

1. Your home page is your one and only chance to capture interest/visitors. It should briefly summarise your site and contain logical and simple navigation to other areas of it. Yours doesn't and relies on a page redirect/banner link to pull people in. This is hardly efficient or effective and is a major design flaw.

2. Scrolling pop-up. This one has been covered above, which is ironic really since your scrolling pop-up also conrives to cover half of your page and the only way to peek behind it is to register. Registration should be by personal choice. You appear to have personally chosen to force all visitors to register, and in doing so you will drive people away in droves.

The 30 second time delay for the pop-up to disappear is way beyond the time that anyone will bother to sit around. There is a lot of commonly and freely available research to help point you in the right direction about web browsers habits, times spent per page, time spent waiting (or not) for pages to become usable and so on. I suggest you use some of that research.

3. I'm a little unsure of the actual direction your site is meant to be taking, so I assume other visitors may be similarly out on a limb. At first glance I assumed you would be selling mobile phones, gadgets, possibly ringtones, screensavers, logos and so on. The majority of the site seems to be forum focused so perhaps a clearer indication of what you offer, where and why would be appropriate.

The idea of a site should be to convey your goods, services, message or whatever to the world in as favourable a light as possible. Navigation should be clear, as should the actual purpose of the site. Building an online community is all well and good, but aside from the hard work that goes into it to produce a good community, I think you need to be clear from the outset what people are going into, what they can exoect and so on from the site. Not much is clear and a good site should be absolutely crystal.

Good luck with it.

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