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New Microsoft Edge (<25 !)

  qwbos 19:40 21 Jan 2020

Anybody tried it ?

  Menzie 20:04 21 Jan 2020

Not yet, I will at home when something doesn't work in Firefox for me.

At work we use Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

Have you tried it?

  x13 20:50 21 Jan 2020

Been running Edge Dev for a while. Installing new Edge and removing the Dev one on all laptops. Good browser and seems faster than Firefox. I like it especially as you can load extensions from the Chrome web store.

  qwbos 23:44 21 Jan 2020

Installed it on the 32GB drive on my CODA earlier, just for a look see. Seems ok once you've got rid of the fancy stuff on the front. AdBlock and AdBlock Plus installed, so I'll probably install it on my desktop in the next few days. Probably a bit faster than old Edge.

  Gordon Freeman 12:37 22 Jan 2020

What's the <25! refer to in the opening post?

Had a look at it, & when I declined to link my office account I lost all my previous favourites & bookmarks from the older edge version...I think I'll stick with Opera for now.

  x13 14:56 22 Jan 2020

Interestingly Opera is a Norwegian app which is owned by a Chinese company named Golden Brick.

  Gordon Freeman 15:29 22 Jan 2020

x13: wasn't aware of that.

Been using Opera (PC) for a couple of weeks, no problems, I like it as far as browsers go.

  qwbos 13:05 23 Jan 2020

Gordon Freeman

(<25!) was my frivolous way of getting my thread title up to 25 characters :o)

  Gordon Freeman 13:08 23 Jan 2020

qwbos - right, ok, understood...less than 25 exclamation mark had me confused, but thanks for clarifying.

  martd7 17:32 23 Jan 2020

Works fine on PC but i found it unusable on my Android phone,very slow to respond so i have gone back to Chrome

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