New Met Office site query

  muddypaws 18:57 12 Apr 2012

If you go here:

Met Office

and then click on the 'UK Radar Observations Map' ( the mauve link) does anyone see the maps on the link page? The top panel on mine is empty.

Been like it for some weeks. Dis-abling AB Plus has no effect. Thanks

  Woolwell 19:08 12 Apr 2012

Works ok on Firefox. Which browser are you using?

  Woolwell 19:10 12 Apr 2012

Ok with IE9 too.

  Woolwell 19:14 12 Apr 2012

Further thought are you scrolling far enough down. There are 2 panels that carry ads first.

  Ian in Northampton 20:28 12 Apr 2012

Works for me on W7/Chrome...

  muddypaws 20:56 12 Apr 2012

I'm on FF10. Clicking on the mauve link takes me to the (presumably) new web site. It opens--and near the top I have a grey panel right across divided into 3 portions. It seems as if there should be something there. There are four green icons top right for rain etc. If I select one it shows 'loading', but never completes.

At the bottom of the original page there is a box with a number of town/city forecasts. Clicking on anyone merely scrolls the page back to the top where the empty grey boxes are. Same on IE9. Will try Chrome. Must be being blocked somewhere. Thanks for replies.

  muddypaws 20:57 12 Apr 2012

XP Home.

  Procrastinus 20:58 12 Apr 2012

Blank with me too.
Same with the new page for Surface Charts. Linux Mint, WinXP SP3 and Firefox 11. Seems a problem with the new pages - I have emailed them but no reply.

  Sea Urchin 21:01 12 Apr 2012

When you say the top panel do you mean the strip of about one inch at the top of the map? If so, then that is an ad - and it will likely be suppressed if you are using a popup blocker. Do you see the x at the right hand side? Clicking that will close the (invisible) ad.

  john bunyan 21:29 12 Apr 2012

Don't click on the link. Use the page itself. I use the main page and customise it for my location. Met Office

  muddypaws 22:21 12 Apr 2012

608 Thanks. At least it's not me losing the plot.

john bunyan

I have tried your link to the page I also use which opens OK, but clicking on 'map' or others in the drop down under 'Weather' gives me the page in my original post. The site, I think, is still in Beta, but if it works for others........!


Is the above the same for you?

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