New Mesh PC -DVD-R & system crash advice required

  Roy* 09:50 06 Dec 2004

I took delivery of a new Mesh system on Friday, delivered on schedule and worked straight ‘out of the box’. However just a couple of things I’m not sure on:

1) DVD-R saving driver files
One of the first things you are advised to do is make a copy of the drivers (1.5GB), so I tried to save using the DVD-R. I dragged and dropped onto the DVD drive but after a short time of trying it stopped and reported some corrupt/format errors. I tried formatting the DVD’s for data but still didn’t work tried 3 DVD-R disc in the end but same problem. So I ended up having to save the drivers on 3 separate CD-R’s. I guess I’ve made a very basic mistake in formatting or something but any advice appreciated.

2) Windows error message
About 3 times I had a fatal windows error message requesting that I send a report to Microsoft for them to use for future windows improvement. I didn’t send because at the time I hadn’t set up my internet connection. Is this typical?

3) System crash
The most frustrating problem is what seems to be a system crash on about 5 occasions. Basically either when switching users or the last time when online looking at my bank statement the screen goes blank and you get a little message in the middle saying either ‘No signal’ or ‘Out of range’. It doesn’t recover by all the usual keyboard operation and all cables seemed properly attached so I’ve had to use the reset a few too many times! This PC has Windows XT with SP2 already loaded. The only software I’ve installed is:

a. Epson RX600 (MFD)
b. Spybot
c. AVG anti virus
d. Broadband modem driver

Any clues people?

  Roy* 13:22 06 Dec 2004

I was using the pre installed Pinnacle 9SE. But maybe that's not good for data only DVD films etc??

  ACOLYTE 13:54 06 Dec 2004

The se version i think is limited in what it can do, you can upgrade to the full version online for a price,did you get instantCD/DVD with it there is lots of options for data backup with it.
If it keeps playing up as its so new get on to support so they can have a look at it.

  Roy* 11:13 07 Dec 2004

Thanks for your comments crx1600 & ACOLYTE.

Just to let you know following an email I sent to Davey at Mesh I've been contacted yesterday and today from a Technical support engineer. He's going to email me a number of checks etc to try and establish cause of the concern. Very supportive and reasuring.

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