New memory installation

  Neo_0147 19:28 03 Nov 2003

At the moment Ive put a new stick of 512Mb pc 133 in slot 1 of my motherboard. Originally there was a stick of 256Mb in slot 1 but I have put that into slot 2. But when I boot up it only picks up the 512Mb stick in slot 1. This means that i would presume that slot 2 is disabled, how can I enable it? I have looked in the bios and in the motherboard manual and I cannot find anything on it.

Thankyou for your help.

  Sgt. Pepper 19:32 03 Nov 2003

It could be that your system is only capable of having 512mb of memory.......You should be able to find out this info from your system handbook

  recap 19:33 03 Nov 2003

Check to see if your board can take all that memory, Neo_0147

  Neo_0147 19:38 03 Nov 2003

Yeh it's not an old computer. Dunno why it isn't detecting it in slot 2. Is there anyway it can be a jumper on the motherboard?

  Sgt. Pepper 19:45 03 Nov 2003

Have you tried putting one of the memory modules in slot 2 to see if the machine boots up. A lot of the time its trial and error with memory

  Neo_0147 19:49 03 Nov 2003

No, I will try and then get back to you.

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