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  VoG II 00:20 12 Jul 2004

It is probably not within my prerogative to say this but I will, and take the consequences.

Certain new members, and one in particular, have offered advice in various threads and have received very rude replies.

I can remember when I first used this forum, to ask a question, and I received excellent advice from somebody called china. Since then my confidence has grown somewhat and I actually answer the odd question.

But I do not always get it right - sometimes I am completely wrong. Absolutely, totally and completely wrong. And what do I get as a result - "sorry VoG should have told you the O/S", or "you were not to know", or "thanks anyway for trying" - I'm not saying that I am complaining about those.

There are new members who post replies who are let us say, are treated disrespectfully. They may be newbies, they may be sometimes flippant, they may not know as much as some of us and yet they are trying to help.

Please do not bawl them out with "you are wrong..." all the time. We should be encouraging new helpers. Telling them off is a really bad idea. Of course if they suggest an incorrect action then say so, but gently and with the correct solution.

  powerless 00:23 12 Jul 2004

We're only human after all VoG™.

  zanwalk 00:25 12 Jul 2004

Well said VoG!

  SANTOS7 00:33 12 Jul 2004

VoG, I'm with you all the way, my knowledge of pc stuff is very limited and when i get it wrong i would hope there is someone out there that can come up with guidelines to the correct answer rather than ball you out, We are all here to learn and pool our resourses, for those you mention, We ALL have to learn sometime.

  james55 00:41 12 Jul 2004


I must admit I never really noticed what you have mentioned but agree if somebody has taken the time or shall we say that one small step it should be treated with respect.


  Night Ryder 00:54 12 Jul 2004

Have to say I've not experienced any of this so far. I am a faily experienced PC user in all areas. I am the IT technician for the company I work for and have many years experience. I tend to answer questions about subjects I know well and problems I've encoutered myself in the past. We are, none of us experts and I see a lot of people giving advice which is sometimes slightly off the mark. I would never put someone down for this as they are just trying to help based on their own personal experiences. (After all that's what this forum is all about). I'm always very careful with my responce to people and If I see that someone has made a slight error in their advice or missed something out I try to point this out without causing offence. I, have on occasions got something wrong or missed out something and so far the responders have been very polite in correcting me. There is no place on a forum such as this for people who just want to shout "rubbish" or "you are wrong" and leave it at that. This sort of behavour is totaly counter productive as no one learns anything. Far better, if you know your subject to explain why you think someone has'nt quite got it right in a polite manner. After all we are all learning all the time irrespective of our level of experteese.

  Gaz 25 01:00 12 Jul 2004

After all were are doing this in out own time - and its all free. ;-)

  Dan the Confused 01:18 12 Jul 2004

I agree. I used to use help lines when I had a problem and got fed up listening to them 'umming' and 'arring' on the other end while my phone bill skyrocketed.

The advice given in this forum is the best source of help I know and is also free.

And as for mistakes, to err is human. Applies to newbies and experienced alike.


  dagwoood 02:23 12 Jul 2004

I've noticed this myself VoG™. I've had it happen to me.

Admittedly, my pc knowledge isn't vast(and what I have learned is thanks to this forum), but I only offer advice on matters I've had experience with(as per Night Ryder). It isn't nice getting "flamed" when all your trying to do is help someone.

Civility does cost nothing.


  Djohn 02:56 12 Jul 2004

I too have noticed this on a couple of occasions and should have said something about it. There is no room for rudeness or bad manners in the forum. We should be encouraging new members to post, not putting them down.

I still make the odd gaff when giving advice simply because, at times my mind is not fully concentrating on the job in hand. Fortunately there is always someone to point out my mistake, this has always been done in a friendly manner with even the odd leg pull here and there.

If you think you know the answer to someones problem, then say so but qualify it with the words.

"Please wait for others to confirm"

I still do this myself after three years of helping out, simply because things move so fast in the IT world and unless we actually work in same it's impossible to keep ahead of all the new hardware/software.

So if you are new to the forum, have the answer to a problem or are reasonably sure you are correct, then say so. Others will step in and help if they see you going the wrong way. j.

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