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  jimo64 18:40 09 Sep 2010

everyone , this is my first time being a member on the forum ,we decided it was time to replace my old Philips icon pc some 7 years + old ,with hopefully something more up to date for gaming & the normal home use + future upgrading . i found out about the forum through some searching on Google for custom build pc.cougar come well recommended here,so i placed an order, first custom build pc & i cant wait to get it.
The friendly staff at cougar, who i asked for any advice on what i was ordering ,i was told to upgrade my power from 400watts so i added 800watts because i decided 2 x 5770 cards & ram from 1300 to 1600 , so thanks to mario / daniel / & other staff members whose names i did not get.

here is my ordered components for the custom build.

Intel Core i7 930 2.8GHz 8MB Cache LG
COOLIT ECO ALC Water cooled
1000GB SATA Hard Drive
2 x ATI HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5 PCI
4GB Corsair Memory DDR3 1600 (2 x 2G
Tempest EVO Midi Tower Case
FSP Everest 800W 85 plus PSU
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
DVD+/- RW - 20X Samsung Lightscribe
Integrated Sound Card

just need to replace my old keyboard & mouse , for something good for gaming any help would be great thanks .

  birdface 21:22 09 Sep 2010

Hi jimo64.

Just thought that I would welcome you to the forum and hope that you will be with us for a long time.
Sorry I am not able to help with the keyboard and Mouse I just use the ones that came with my computer.
I hope you enjoy your new computer from Cougar mind and let us know how you get on with it.

  AL47 21:32 09 Sep 2010

There are a few bad points to that pc build imo

2x 5770 gfx cards are no better than one 5850 I think, plus they draw a lot more power and to upgrade u have to take 2 out

The RAM on an i7 works best in tri channel.. ie 3 gb 6gb 12 gb

The rest is good

Also on mouse and keyboard.. I have a logitech g15 keyboard and microsoft/razer habu mouse (7 buttons tho don't think they make it now )

  MAT ALAN 21:51 09 Sep 2010

A47 is right about you VGA card config, although you may have saved a few quid by buying two 5770s as opposed to one 5870...

click here

the link may point you in the right direction regarding mouse and keyboard...

good luck and Welcome...

  jimo64 19:02 10 Sep 2010

hi buteman

thanks for your welcome post , i will add my thoughts on the new PC from cougar when it arrives, & used it for a short time .

  jimo64 19:15 10 Sep 2010

hi AL47

well its a pity , i was not a member here so i could have run my components buy you guys before i placed the order as you say about the 2 x gfx , but its done now & i think 2 x 5770 should hopefully see me good for a time i hope .
interesting what you say about the ram , ill keep that in mind maybe order another 2 GB later on when i get a look at the type they are going to fit as a friend of mine told me they must be of the same type
on the keyboard ill check it out thanks.

  jimo64 19:22 10 Sep 2010


that link will be very useful , ill put some time in their thanks for the welcome & link.
funny i have been looking around at keyboards etc, its not easy trying to buy right , it took me quit some time to pic out the case for the pc .

  AL47 00:33 11 Sep 2010

It's not a bad setup just not the best with the options..surprised they advised it

Also yeah helps with 3 sticks of RAM in socket 1366 and it is best to get a matching set.. unfortunately its best to get a complete set at once as the sticks are selected. I'm some brands anyway

On the keyboard/mouse.. try them in a shop.. I was after the Microsoft x6 or whatever it is but after trying, hated it. It's not like a cpu, u need to like the feel

  jimo64 10:39 11 Sep 2010

hi AL47

well TBO i picked those components from their configuration as i assumed that any of the options their were fine for me to change , after i emailed them on my choices & about payment + i did add i was at the top of my budget , i received an email about adding a faster ram from 1300 to 1600 so i updated the order , before that on the phone i was told it would be better to upgrade the power supp lie as i only had the 400w in my list as i was thinking of 2 x gfx .
so thanks for the heads up on my choices , i suppose the 2 x 2 GB of ram rather than 3/6/12 as you said will be ok for now , not going for a single higher gfx card, well i just thought 2 is better than one, as you pointed out the rest is good.
i thought i did my research well but not well enough it seems .i found it a challenge trying to sort out were to buy from let alone what to buy ,whats good & not so good so many choices out their, & i did not wish to make the same mistake i did with my first PC & got a small unit with no room for upgrading ect in the future.
still i look forward to my new pc & if i can add a few pic on the form i will ,thanks again for your thoughts .

  chrissy1 18:53 12 Sep 2010

im a bit thick and this site has helped me out no end......keep it in yr bookmarks,,,,,,

  jimo64 08:29 13 Sep 2010

very good forum chrissy1 , reading around when i get the chance ,plenty to read on here ,

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