New (to me) PC Help - spec etc

  yolmol1 12:43 03 Apr 2009

Hello all - I have been offered a Dell E520 for £150 - its a 32bit model with 1gig of DDR2 ram, 160gb Sata drive, Pentium D 915 Dual Core 2.80GHz (800mhz 2x2mb)- does this sound like a good deal? It comes with Vista Premium.

I'm currently running a XP2500+ Slot A Athlon with 1 gig of DDR1 ram and IDE drives I need something quicker - unfortunately I can't even use my current PC as a base to work on as it has no PCI-E, Sata or DDR2 slots!

Can anyone tell me if the new one is any good or could be used as a "base"? If I get it the first thing I would do is add (replace?) 2 sticks of 1gb ram, a bigger HDD drive and a PCI-E video card.

I used to be into PC gaming - but since I got the Xbox and then Xbox 360 I haven't done anything with the computer - I really just want something that runs new websites quickly enough and won't freeze when trying to play a HD video on youtube lol

  birdface 12:51 03 Apr 2009

Not at all sure,Found here And if that is the same as yours maybe not worth the £150 if second hand.

  birdface 12:56 03 Apr 2009

Oops you get directed to e-bay with that so obviously second hand.Better waiting till someone can give you the correct price that it is worth.

  yolmol1 13:02 03 Apr 2009

I think that one is second hand one as well? It also doesn't come with Vista Premium - I thought that'd be worth the cash alone or am I wrong? - I have an unauthenticated copy of Windows XP pro at the minute and the restrictions there are now as to what you can use/security centre/automatic downloads etc is just beginning to get frustrating!!

  yolmol1 13:03 03 Apr 2009

haha - I'm too slow in responding! Yeah if someone can let me know - it comes with a printer and monitor as well :)

  MAJ 13:22 03 Apr 2009

It hasn't got the latest processor but it's okay, it's faster than the Athlon. Upgrading the memory will cost £11.50 per GB module. click here As you say, it has Vista HP, does it come with the Vista disk or restore disk and does it have the legit serial number and isn't installed on another computer? It has a monitor and printer as well. The hard drive is a little small by today's standards, but larger drives are relatively inexpensive. If it's worth £150 to you then it should be okay. At least you'll get rid of the iffy XP installation.

  yolmol1 14:45 03 Apr 2009

Thanks Maj,

The XP installation is a little iffy I guess, I got a copy from my uncle about 7 or 8 years ago and never had the heart to question why it wasn't authentic lol. It does come with a 19" TFT but i've got a HP widescreen monitor which I spent a couple hundred quid on about 12months ago (I bought a new desk and couldn't have a CRT).

You say if its worth £150 to me then I should get it? I don't know what its worth lol - its a bit of a false figure as I'll be looking to get rid of the TFT asap - should fetch me at least £30 on ebay I guess!

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