new MB and W7

  iqs 11:10 20 Dec 2011

Hi, Im just about to install a new MB and CPU.When I was running XP,it this was done,you needed to reactivate XP over the phone,if I remember correctly.

Is this the same with W7 ?


  rdave13 11:24 20 Dec 2011

It will come up automatically if you need to activate over the phone. I had to do that when I reinstalled the 64-bit version from the 32-bit version.

  iqs 14:47 20 Dec 2011

Hi, Thanks for the replies. I was going to reinstall W7 at a later date,but from what was said here,I might do a fresh install but with W7 64 bit. Are drivers for 32 W7 compatible with 64 W7 ?.

I ask just because of my Radeon 5770 & ASUS xonar DG sound card.


  iqs 16:36 20 Dec 2011

many thanks for the help,Merry Christmas

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