new MB and W7

  iqs 11:10 20 Dec 2011

Hi, Im just about to install a new MB and CPU.When I was running XP,it this was done,you needed to reactivate XP over the phone,if I remember correctly.

Is this the same with W7 ?


  rdave13 11:24 20 Dec 2011

It will come up automatically if you need to activate over the phone. I had to do that when I reinstalled the 64-bit version from the 32-bit version.

  Ibanez2010 13:25 20 Dec 2011

I didn't need to reactivate when reinstalling Win7. Or when upgrading to 64bit.

  KRONOS the First 13:40 20 Dec 2011

I think you would find it less troublesome to reinstall Windows after changing the motherboard as you may well get driver issues further down the line. I know that Windows 7 comes with loads of driver and no doubt will have most of them for your Mobo, but you will still find that it is necessary to use the driver disk that came with te board.

I myself will be replacing a motherboard myself this week after my current one developing a fault, although I will be replacing the board with a similar product I know from past experience that it is better,in the long run,to do a clean install. I must admit it is reasonably easy as I use a SSD for boot drive and have Windows 7 SP1 as an ISO so it is a relatively painless process.

  Ibanez2010 13:46 20 Dec 2011

DEFINITELY reinstall Windows if you are doing a motherboard and cpu replacement! I assume you were going to do that anyway ;)

  iqs 14:47 20 Dec 2011

Hi, Thanks for the replies. I was going to reinstall W7 at a later date,but from what was said here,I might do a fresh install but with W7 64 bit. Are drivers for 32 W7 compatible with 64 W7 ?.

I ask just because of my Radeon 5770 & ASUS xonar DG sound card.


  KRONOS the First 15:06 20 Dec 2011

Windows 7 64Bit will stick generic drivers in but I would download up to date ones prior to installation.

  Ibanez2010 15:31 20 Dec 2011

Yep, use 64bit gfx drivers and soundcard drivers.

  iqs 16:36 20 Dec 2011

many thanks for the help,Merry Christmas

  Input Overload 16:46 20 Dec 2011

I'm thinking of finally going 64Bit, I shied away from this as there seemed to be a lack of drivers & software a year or ago but as that's all changed & 64Bit drivers are available for this reasonably recent DELL desk PC.

My question is - Will my Win7 serial code which was for the 32 Bit version work with 64?

I would assume the answer is no...

  Input Overload 16:48 20 Dec 2011

As I am a total idiot I have posted this in an ongoing thread, I apologise.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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