New MB + CPU

  Ian Clark 13:18 27 Oct 2008

My CPU died, so i got a new MB and CPu. Fitted it all, connected it all, and powered up.

All the lights come on, the fans spin etc,
but nothing else. There is no video output, monitor stays in standby?!?

Duh.....what should I look for? Its a ASUS P5B-VM motherboard with a core 2 Duo Processor, E7200 LGA775 CPU

any advice welcome.......;o(

  I am Spartacus 13:24 27 Oct 2008

According to the Asus CPU Support list for the P5B-VM the E7200 isn't supported click here

  chub_tor 13:45 27 Oct 2008

Sorry to disagree with you but if you type E7200 into the Asus website that you listed then it gives several P5B models as being compatible with this processor. They include the P5B-VM SE. I don't think that it is a Motherboard/CPU compatibility issue.

Ian Clark, can you tell us something more about your set up, OS, memory, graphics etc.

  Ian Clark 15:19 27 Oct 2008

I went on the ASUS website. Search by PB5 - VM SE and the E7200 chip is compatible.

Search bu PB5 - VM and it is not listed.

My CPU fried. I went to a computer store (independant one) and took 'expert advice' which left me with a new MB and CPU.

I now have my £170 back and they have a second hand MB and a second hand CPU thats been installed in the wrong MB.

Thanks for your help guys, especially the link to the ASUS website and compatibility tables.

I now dont know what to do, as my confidence has been knocked somewhat....first effort at MB + CPU upgrade = major fail ;o(

Current options are try again, get someone to do it for me, buy a new system and sell off the remaining working parts.


  I am Spartacus 17:09 27 Oct 2008

P5B-VM SE £46 click here

E7200 (Retail with 3 year warranty) £95 click here

The motherboard is micro ATX so unless your case dictates that size then you will be better with an ATX size instead. There's probably better, more up to date motherboards around at a similar price.

You should be able to get the E7200 a bit cheaper but avoid the OEM/Boxed versions unless you have a heatsink and fan you can re-use.

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