New mail not getting to the in box.

  jack 11:50 20 Aug 2008

Thunder bird reported 63 mails this morning.
The on screen display normally shows last weeks, Yesterdays mail and in new section todays mail.
The yesterdays mail did not show at all and to-days mail showed one mail.
Where has the other 62 gone.
I found them eventually - in trash- yesterdays and a swatch of to-days.

How did that come about?

  DippyGirl 12:11 20 Aug 2008

Have you changed or enabled any message filters or the junk settings?

  jack 08:14 21 Aug 2008

Not that I am aware of.
This morning loading of 117 mail - all wound up in the trash folder.[90 of them junk]
Well I guess it's learning is Thunderbird.
Easy enough to look in trash and leave the stuff there and transfer out anything I need to keep.;-]

  birdface 08:18 21 Aug 2008

You could download E-prompter.You can open all your e-mails on there and delete the ones that you don't want the rest will be transferred to your normal e-mail provider when you open it.

  jack 08:43 21 Aug 2008

That looks like a useful piece of kit.
I have downloaded it and will give it a run.
It does all that I advise folk to do that get fed up with junk overload in the their In Boxes -i.e. sort mail out on line before running the E-client.

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