new LED keyboard not working

  Dankyxd 18:20 03 Dec 2018

Hi all, a few weeks ago i bought a new keyboard (trust gxt 845, with led lights) and it worked fine until now. I've had the problem several times now that none of the keys work on my pc, except the button on the keyboard itself to toggle the led lighting. It starts when i start up my pc and i see that the lights arent working. Then i replug the keyboard, after which the lights work again but none of the other keys beside the light switch work. The weird thing is that sometimes the next day it seems to have fixed, and work normally again until several days later i get the same problem. I've tried troubleshooter, but it can't find anthing. Also after i shut down my pc the led lights are still on for a while, until i unplug the keyboard. I don't know a lot about computers, so if this explanation is unclear im sorry for that.

Kind regards, jesse

  john bunyan 18:35 03 Dec 2018

If in U.K. you could ask for a replacement or refund from the seller.

  Dankyxd 19:25 03 Dec 2018

I am looking to fix the problem, or at least locate it, and maybe then ill ask for a refund if nothing works.

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