New Laptops With XP

  JimT 12:19 11 Sep 2008

Does anyone know of suppliers of new laptops who will include Windows XP rather than Vista?

  User-1229748 12:21 11 Sep 2008
  JimT 12:25 11 Sep 2008

Thanks smackheadz

  User-1229748 12:34 11 Sep 2008

your welcome,if you find one you like i would then do a search on the laptop to find the lowest price,and if you are buying online,i would post back and make sure it's a reputable site.

  JimT 12:39 11 Sep 2008

Actually, they've got only two models with XP.

Do you know of any other sites, smackheadz?

  User-1229748 12:43 11 Sep 2008
  User-1229748 12:50 11 Sep 2008
  wjrt 13:47 11 Sep 2008
  ventanas 14:36 11 Sep 2008

Be careful, the sale of all versions of XP preinstalled or otherwise was stopped by Microsoft as at the end of June this year. It is no longer legal to sell a copy unless to a system builder click here

I would make sure that you get a valid licence, but I doubt if you can, unless whatever you buy is "very low spec."

Microsoft are in fact saying that XP is now history, and I for one agree with them.

  woodchip 14:42 11 Sep 2008

Get one click here and put it on a blank Laptop Drive, i.e no Operating System. You will or should get it cheaper

  jaritch 14:55 11 Sep 2008

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