New Laptop/router how do I get started (wireless)?

  AllZwell 07:22 07 Oct 2006


I just purchased a laptop from PC world (Toshiba A100 )£799), and it says "Wireless Enabled" in the spec.

I brought a Router (Belkin 802.11g+) and I hadn't a clue about wireless pc's to start with.

What I want to do simply, is have a wireless laptop round the house while usning my desktop as "fixed". What connections do i do to go wireless then??? do I need something extra? - as I tried all the set up functions on the screen (modem into router, and to the laptop, then a "blue cable that goes in the back, then turn the router on.

It then detects etc.Even if this worked (which it doesn't) how will I be able to go wireless??? (these is some sort of connection - "wireless enabled" at 54 mps, but when I try to connect to the internet it won't, simple as that.

Please help!!:)((

EDIT: do i need any more attachments for my laptop (netware adapters or something???) I was assuming that the "wireless enabled" would do the job, along with my router but really am stuck (been at it 7 hours now)


AW (newbie - sorry for long post)

  STREETWORK 08:29 07 Oct 2006

Post this in networking forum...

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