New laptop, wireless wont work.

  Sazzeh 20:36 02 Oct 2008

Today i have recieved a new Acer laptop that has Wireless connection but when it picks up my router upstairs it wont work, I cannot figure out why.

I have a Speedtouch Thompsons Router and have no ideas of what could be going wrong.
The laptop is vista and i have never had one of these before do i have to do things different or type in different things.

  baldydave 20:41 02 Oct 2008

have you entered router network name and wep/wpa key sometimes found on the bottom of the router if you have security enabled that is!

  brundle 20:48 02 Oct 2008

If it's a 585 (blue with a button in the middle of the fascia), you may need to press that button to allow pairing. It's a feature you can enable/disable in the config menu, default is Off but if someone else set it up for you they may have changed it.

  Sazzeh 21:04 02 Oct 2008

I have tried the code on the side of the router and i press connect and it carries on saying disconnected. i just dont know what pass key to put it and if i need to set something up

  Halmer 21:10 02 Oct 2008

click here

into the Internet Explorer address bar does it bring a window up?

  Sazzeh 21:12 02 Oct 2008

it does yes.

  Halmer 21:13 02 Oct 2008

(click here)

without the opening and closing bracket.

  Sazzeh 21:15 02 Oct 2008

yes it is annoying

  Halmer 21:34 02 Oct 2008
  Halmer 21:35 02 Oct 2008

Basic Router Set Up.

  brundle 22:25 02 Oct 2008

There are different models, would be helpful to know which model you are using. 585 is common and one of the free ones supplied by AOL.

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