new laptop - what to do with HD + cd/dvd player

  new214 17:04 01 Nov 2009

Ok heres the problem Ive got a laptop which is about 6 yrs old and want to get rid of it and replace with a new one

1) Am I able to resuse the harddisk as an external hard disk? Ive read somewhere all you need is a case for the harddrive like buy a case from pcworld but can this be done - yes or no?

2) From the laptop am I able to reuse the CD/DVD player - currently its part of the laptop but can this be removed and used as an external CD/DVD player like the harddrive above if yes how?

3) Can I use the RAM in other pcs/laptops?

  BT 17:34 01 Nov 2009

You can certainly reuse the HDD in a Caddy
I've just recycled one from dead Freeview HDD recorder with one of these to give me an 80GB external USB2.0 Hard Drive

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  new214 18:08 01 Nov 2009

What about the cd/DVD player which is part of the laptop - am I able to use this as an external cd/DVD player?

The laptop I'm thinking of getting doesnt have a cd/DVD player - so if I cant use that one are there any cd/DVD players availble which can connect via usb?

  tullie 18:27 01 Nov 2009

Dident realise that they made laptops without dvd players,you dont mean netbook do you?Yes,You can buy an external usb dvd drive.

  new214 13:27 02 Nov 2009

Yes I mean netbook/laptop whichever. Am I not able to use the existing one which is part of the netbook/laptop as an external cd/dvd player?

Secondly are you able to buy an external cd/dvd player from places like pcworld or currys etc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:38 02 Nov 2009

1. to use your HDD as external storage you need a 2.5 external usb caddy just check whether a IDE or SATA connection to the drive in a 6 year old laptop its most likely IDE
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2. You can get an adptor to run the dvd drive but you would also need cable and power supply so its better to buy a USB DVD from somewhere other than pay PC worlds high prices.
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3. the RAM is unlikely to be compatible with a newer laptop

you could always sell old laptop for spares on ebay

  new214 13:33 04 Nov 2009

Ok if I buy an external dvd player for my laptop - would I be able to view dvds films as well as write dvds/cd - as i currently do on my current netbook/laptop?

  tullie 13:40 04 Nov 2009

Yes you can,though have you decided if you have a laptop or netbook yet?

  new214 13:35 05 Nov 2009

I'm thinking of getting a laptop 10inch screen but the problem is they dont come with dvd players and most other laptops are either way too expensive or they have vista which I only want is xp.

1) These external dvd players - do they all need a sepearate cable and power supply or do they get power from the usb (even the ones from pcworld or other high street shops)?

2) Do you think it would be ok to link a 10 inch laptop without a dvd with a external dvd player through usb?

  tullie 22:34 05 Nov 2009

Once again,Your talking about a netbook if theres no dvd drive,and yes weve allready said that you can use a usb dvd drive,i would say that they are just as expensive as a laptop,especially when you factor in the cost of the external drive.the external drive powers from the usb,at least mine does.

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