New Laptop Specification Options

  s.mac 22:16 22 Nov 2003

Im concidering a new laptop for use at uni, general programming, bit of photoediting, word processing and gaming. I know latops arent meby the best for gaming and photoediting but it need it portable. Anyway ive been out of the loop for a while now so im not sure what to shoot for component wise.

CPU - For laptop what is the best purely for processing power with a decent battery life. Im thinking mobile P4 HT, or Mobile Athalon. Is there any advantage in getting the new 64bit amd...whats your experences.

Graphics - This is probably my biggest head scracher, a lot of laptops (espicaly centrinos) have onboard intel graphics and shared memory. I take it ill want a dedicated chip to play games. Is the ATI 9600 much better than the 9200 or 9000, what about neviada, they were king when i built my last desktop about 18 months ago.

Wireless - I picked up pcadvisor last week for the first time in ages, and i seen "wireless" "wifi" and "home networking" concept to me. I see some laptops have built in bluetooth or 800.11 wireless? Can this be added as a peripheral if it isnt built in.

Any opinons or experiences are appreciated. Im currently looking at a rock xt pro, any other suggestions for around £900 -£1200 excluding vat.

  toni b 02:11 23 Nov 2003

In regards to wireless or wifi yes you can add it on as an extra in many different ways eg USB pcmcia add on card but for convience try to buy one built,I have been using my computer with wifi and it is great when your are sitting at the airport or coffee bar just surfing the net, there are also groups of people whom advertise that they have a wireless network open for others to use look here click here In regards to graphics my laptop only has 32ram but this is sufficent for my gaming needs such as castle wolfenstein or Ultima online for you budget look here click here I see these advertised every month and looking at the specs on paper there fantastic.The new graphics cards now arriving with 128 ram dedicated ,which should be more than enough for your gaming needs there are many options but I would expect they are Limited if you want a mobile processor instead of a gaming machine .Just look through the adverts in the mag and look at the specs Try Dell you can also customize click here

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