New laptop. Some sounds work, others don't

  james300 21:16 28 Jan 2011

Got a new laptop yesterday, a Sony Vaio VPCEB3JOE, Windows 7 Home Premium. Certain sounds on the computer work fine, like when you click on something, and I've tested both speakers, which are working, but Media Player and web sounds, like Youtube, won't play any sound. I've looked for the answer already online, but aren't getting anywhere. Help!

  rdave13 22:11 28 Jan 2011

As it's a new laptop and you've registered it with Sony (hopefully) then you must ask for help from them. Best advice I can offer on a new machine.
Please let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  james300 23:09 28 Jan 2011

Just plugged in an external speaker, and sound is fine on that, but I want the internal ones to work. Windows says the sound devices are both fine, and I've done the sound test on both of them. Gargh!

  Terry Brown 23:13 28 Jan 2011

Your internal sound drivers may need updating, see this link for help

click here


  MAT ALAN 23:15 28 Jan 2011

click here

could be a codec issue...

  james300 23:26 28 Jan 2011

Windows says the drivers are up to date. Is it safe to download these things, like codecs?

  rdave13 23:27 28 Jan 2011

My serious advice is to not play about installing codex or try anything more with a newly purchased machine.
Ignore all advice from above as your laptop is new.
Contact Sony or your seller of the laptop as soon as possible, and state the problem. Don't try to rectify it your self.

  james300 23:38 28 Jan 2011

Cheers, Dave. But aren't Sony and pretty much every compny support service, y'know, useless?

  rdave13 23:54 28 Jan 2011

Up to you. The machine isn't reproducing sounds from Windows player or from a web page. It's a problem.
New laptop without much software installed looks like future expensive problems ahead. The more software you install now the more awkward the seller can be.
Return it to the seller and state what the problem is. The first step at having a record that the machine isn't working properly.

  mooly 08:24 29 Jan 2011

I agree... it should all work straight from the box.

Is there no sound even if you just play a CD ?

If you have installed stuff/updates/drivers and aren't sure whether you have accidently altered something then a factory reinstall may be worth trying. Don't go online or connect to Windows Update. Just try it in original state.

You could try system restore back to the first restore point.

If it doesn't work in "out of the box" condition then I would ask for a replacement.

  peugeot man 08:39 29 Jan 2011

I would suggest you check that certain sounds have not been disabled or volumes turned down.

Open the volume mixer and see where the sliders are set and make sure there are ticks in the right boxes.

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