New Laptop set up help

  Bouffee 10:06 29 Aug 2008

Hi my laptop blew up and I have had to get a new one. Does anyone know if I can access my old stored emails whicha are on outlook on my ol pc, i e are they held on a server or on my pc. Currently running BT internet. Also before I set it up I ve also I ve been told that you don t need the bt disk you can just set up the laptop to connect to the hub. How do you do the laptop is wirless enabled.

Many thanks

  n8-digi 11:13 29 Aug 2008

regards to the emails, if you are connecting to a business server at work for example you are best off asking the techies there to set it up. if you are a home user the emails may still be on the HDD if it is still functioning you could connect it to a pc and caddy and possibly pull the outlook files from the disk and import them to your new outlook.

regards to the BT Homehub, you dont need a disk, just use find out the name of the wireless network (possibly homehub or something alike) and use windows or the utility that came with the machine. with the homehub you will need the wireless security code usually printed on the back of the homehub.

Please post the make and model of the hub if you need anymore help.

hope ive helped.

  Bouffee 11:20 29 Aug 2008

Yes thats excellent, thanks for that, thats exactly what I needed

Many Thanks

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