New Laptop required? Laptop recommendations

  collinsc 10:24 19 Apr 2014


I have had a 'Toshiba Satellite L750-1DR Windows 7 - Intel Pentium - 600GB' since Dec 2011. I'm not sure what the recommended lifespan of a laptop is, but i think mine may be on the way out as i've just got a new battery and sometimes the laptop makes a noise like it is overheating and perhaps the fan isn't working. So... do i perhaps do a part sale with laptopsdirect before it dies? Do i just get a replacement fan?

If the recommendation is to replace, then can anyone recommend anything suitable. No real requirements other than must be equal to or better than the above spec! My budget would be £400-£500.

Many thanks

  Woolwell 19:37 19 Apr 2014

I see that you have had any answers. This may be because you haven't stated what you use the laptop for eg just general browsing, photo editing, games, etc..

I would expect a laptop to last more than 3 years.

The perhaps fan isn't working is difficult - is it or isn't it? Is the laptop actually overheating?

The replacement fan could be difficult.

  Woolwell 19:37 19 Apr 2014

Haven't instead of have on first line.

  wee eddie 21:52 19 Apr 2014

I'd give it a clean inside. Chances are that it's full of dust.

Many of us would expect to get 3-5 years out of a Lappy, possibly more.

  bumpkin 22:10 19 Apr 2014

Why not find out what is wrong with the one you have first, it is a decent laptop, could be something simple like a clean out as suggested by wee eddie.

  collinsc 12:48 20 Apr 2014

thanks for comments. i think you are right and a clean out would certainly help! i can see lots of dirt under the keys. i'll unscrew the base later and give it a clean.

i mainly use laptop for browsing. no photo editing or games.

  bumpkin 14:26 20 Apr 2014

I think that I would establish whether it is overheating or not before taking it apart.

  collinsc 15:20 20 Apr 2014

hi bumpkin. ok,good point, how do i confirm if it is overheating?

  bumpkin 16:58 20 Apr 2014

You haven't said whether it boots up or not but assuming that it does then download and run "Speccy" which is easy to find free on the net, this will tell you if the fan is running and also the system temperature plus a load of other useful info.

  collinsc 17:29 20 Apr 2014

great thanks. sorry, yes it boots up and can stay on for 3hrs or more, but is often cutting out for no apparent reason, but is preceded by the laptop making a strange noise, which to me sounds like it could be overheating

  wee eddie 17:43 20 Apr 2014

Have a look at cleaning clips on YouTube

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