New laptop reboot everytime after game launched

  Azdyg 15:42 10 Nov 2018

Hello, i bought a new laptop 2 days ago, Lenovo legion y520 click here After updating the pc through windows update & the drivers i got from the lenovo site (graphic drivers, sound...), i decided to test it with The witcher 3, which made the pc reboot directly. Worried, i decide to play path of exile which ask for a lower configuration pc, same result, then i launch it through NVIDIA pannel which go the same way, the gtx 1060 can't handle one second the game and makes the pc reboot. So i decide to use 2 software to test the graphic card: something like funwark and heaven..., in both case i have the laptop reboot. In a last chance, i reset the full pc and launch heaven..., nothing changed, at this point i really believe thats an hardware problem, for example, i dont understand why the laptop dont reach 100% on the battery. Please if you have any solution, considering the lenovo support center is closed on week end.

  KEITH 1955 15:57 10 Nov 2018

With regards to the battery , all new batteries on anything don't work properly until they have been charged a few times. You should always let rechargeable batteries on anything run low before putting back on charge. This is because charging a battery pack before they are fully run down causes cell blindness. In the case of a laptop you have to be more careful though because something might go wrong if you let the battery go too low. EXAMPLE .. I used to fly radio control planes and if a cell goes blind you loose radio contact and crash. In the case of drones though , they detect low power and return to base.

ok so back to the laptop ,you say its new so you need to reject it as not fit for purpose or go to the shop if possible and demand a replacement asap , if you got it from a certain high street chain you must go ASAP because after a certain number of days that can insist on repairing it instead of replacement.

  Azdyg 16:44 10 Nov 2018

Thanks for the reply, i already contacted the support of the shop where i bought it, they told me to go first through lenovo SAV then come back if no solution is found. I just wanted to be sure there is no solution. Have a good day

  martd7 17:00 10 Nov 2018

I would go back to where you purchased it from,don't mess about on phone with Lenovo,your first recourse should always be the shop you purchased the laptop from

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