New laptop problem

  dontaskme 23:25 04 Jul 2003

My acer 803lcib arrived today, but i haven't been able to get it to start up. The fan starts for about 3-5 seconds and then stops. the power light stays green.

I have tried troubleshooting, but not sure where or what the problem is.

  VoG II 23:29 04 Jul 2003

Assuming that it is brand new, send it back! It is not of merchantable quality - i.e. it does not work. Insist that the supplier pays the cost of carriage as well.

  dontaskme 23:37 04 Jul 2003

Have you any idea what the problem could be?

I'm not sure whether it is power saving problem, or maybe a faulty/loose hard drive. I'm not going to mess with it, but am reluctant to send it back unless it is absolutely necessary.

  caast ©? 23:40 04 Jul 2003

This may be a silly question but is the battery fully charged.

will it start up with the ac connector attached

  VoG II 23:41 04 Jul 2003

I can think of various things but that's not the point! You've been supplied with something that does not work and in law - whether it is a 'puter or an egg timer - you are entitled to a replacement or your money back.

  dontaskme 23:47 04 Jul 2003

It's with the adaptor in.

3 reasons why i would rather fix it. 1) I don't enjoy the "It's not our fault" argument 2) I need it working for next week and don't trust them to get it back in time. 3) I'm hoping it's a simple problem, in which case i don't need to send it back.

  Steven135 23:54 04 Jul 2003

Have you tried adjusting the brightness level using the FN switch?

  VoG II 23:54 04 Jul 2003

OK, this is my last post on the subject:

It sounds to me like a hardware problem - maybe just a loose connection. Not easy to identify or fix in a laptop. Plus, opening the case will invalidate the warranty ... are you getting my drift? Send it back!

  Steven135 23:57 04 Jul 2003

Sorry clutching at straws here but have you checked the F5 ket to make sure its not set to external monitor?

  Steven135 23:59 04 Jul 2003

Sorry you have to press FN and F5 to gether to toggle between screen and external monitor.

  Kryten 00:00 05 Jul 2003

With a Laptop you plug in battery - then the AC adapter & turn on the mains where it is plugged in - lift up the lid - press the on button for about 3-5 second and it will boot up. If it does not there is a fault. With the paperwork you received with it there should be a trouble shooting guide with steps to take. If not or they do not work the only other option it to contact the vendor.

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