NEW LAPTOP FROM PC WORLD - which one to buy?

  Tomi60 13:28 03 Nov 2007

A silver surfer looking for a laptop probably from PC World with £600 to spend including printer/scanner/copier for abouts £100, so I am told.
Do not need 'top of the range' or 'fastest' IP service. Do need 'kill spams' and Basic Home Windows would probably be ok too. Would like to 'eventually' buy maybe DVD/CD rewrite. Been with Orange and ok but not very helpful with 50-80 daily spams.
Have briefly seen Acer, Compaq, E-system (?) but really not got a clue! So.... can you lovely boffins advise....

  crosstrainer 13:59 03 Nov 2007

P.C. World:

Perhaps other dealers may offer better soloutions.

click here

Or perhaps?

click here

  Forum Editor 15:16 03 Nov 2007

available at PC World - I was there this morning, and was extremely impressed by the wide range on display.

I recently bought a new computer from PC World, and am delighted with it. Your budget gives you lots of scope; I saw a very nice Toshiba laptop for around £530.

  dan111 20:12 03 Nov 2007

Over the last 18 months I have bought 3 laptops from PC World and have been delighted with them all.


This is good value for a laptop with a 17" screen
click here

I find that a 15" widescreen is fine, so look at this one. click here and this looks good value for money also click here

Any of those should be fine for your needs.

  pchelper001 20:19 03 Nov 2007

i use a e system laptop from pc world, it has good specs and everything you would ever need and i got it for £399. A good multifunction printer is Brother, as they are very easy to set up.

  Totally-braindead 22:16 03 Nov 2007

Only comments I can make are. Its almost certain that whatever laptop you buy will have Vista as the operating system. Whatever you buy make sure it comes with 2 gig of memory as Vista is really memory hungry. And if it was getting one I would get a well known brand name one not one of the budget ones.
Don't have a laptop myself but if I was getting one I would really like a Toshiba, they are solidly built and last.

  dan111 23:11 03 Nov 2007

All of my recommendations carry 2Gb of memory and have Vista home premium as standard. All are from major manufacturers. The last machine is a Toshiba. :))

  Tomi60 17:08 04 Nov 2007

Well.... big thanks for your replies!
Got 5 in mind. Acer 4920, Compaq C742EM Advent 8315, ADVENT 9215, Fujitsu Siemens Li1818.
Braindead? Apart from theFujitu are the others Budget names please? The Advent 9215 with Integrated Webcam strikes me as good idea BUT is it good idea? I'm looking for a good package on Boxing Day as a friend told me last year she got a REALLY good deal at PC World with all sorts of bits thrown into the package!
One says 'DVD ReWriter SuperDrive' another 'DVD ReWriter MultiDrive', while another 'Dual Layer DVD ReWriter Optical Drive'! Do they all mean the same or are they are different in some way?
I'm trying to stay 'simple' but very difficult when do not know what the jargon really means! Perhaps some clever brainy boffin would like to explain some of these on a thread to help out other 'absolute beginners'? The other problem we have is all the 'bits and pieces' like web cams, pointers/mouse, DVD bits, and of course finding a suitable IP in UK? Again the jargon is mind-blowing for us older folks! Thanks again of course.

  Totally-braindead 23:49 04 Nov 2007

Advent is a well known name but personally I consider them budget PCs.
Of the ones you have listed I would consider perhaps the Acer or the Compaq or a Toshiba if you can get one in your budget.
Fujitsu are a well known make and I wouldn't describe them as budget but because of the problems many people had with cracks appearing in the cases of certain laptops I'm kind of put off them. I think it was just one model but because of this I personally wouldn't have one.
I'm not sure what they mean by superdrive and multidrive etc I assume its just an advertising thing to try and make them look more snazzy. I would have to see the particular computer to tell if it means anything or if it is just some advertising crap. Perhaps one of the drives can also write to DVD RAM as an example of what might be a difference between them. They will all write to DVD+ and -R and to the RW disks. Some might also write to DVD RAM disks and possibly some might be lightscribe. Lightscribe allows you to burn a label on the actual disk. Never really interested me but you might fancy it.
You don't really need a mouse unless you prefer it as all laptops come with a control pad built in that replaces a mouse. Personally I prefer a mouse and if you do as well them you can fit one and use it instead, I'm not 100% sure but I think all laptops can use a mouse if you wish.
For all your computer parts needs then I can highly recommend They are very well thought of on the Forum.
For printer paper and ink cartridges for the printer then I can recommend also well thought of, you might get cheaper but they have good customer service and the nice thing about them is the price you see is the price you pay as all prices include delivery.
ISPs is a ticklish problem as there are so many and it really depends to a certain degree how much you are willing to spend. I would recommend that you go with one that has UK call centres rather than foreign as things are bad enough without not being able to understand what they say. Zen has a good reputation but are a bit pricey I believe, I am with and am quite happy with their service and their support but I've been with them only 6 months or so and therefore am not absolutely certain how good they are as its early days, so far they have been perfect.

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