new laptop, partition size ???

  Ikelos 08:53 28 May 2010

Hello all, just got a new laptop, this morning, it is running windows 7, half way through set-up and it wants to know how big a partition do I want to set for back up, and I do not know what to put, having not done it before. the drive size is 500gb, and the slider was set half way, with a warning message that once it has been set it can not be altered. can someone give me some advice.

thank you

  gengiscant 09:20 28 May 2010

If it is just aas a backup/recpvery for windows 7 only 10- 15Gb should be plenty, I would have thought.

  Ikelos 09:33 28 May 2010

thank you, yes, it is just for back up. I will set it as you say......

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