New laptop and new broadband - everything slow!

  missy_j 14:06 07 Aug 2008

I recently bought a new Samsung laptop which has had good reviews (click here) and we have also purchased o2's mobile broadband. It's all set up and working, but the internet runs ridiculously slowly and constantly disconnects itself, times out and freezes. I was hoping to use this for working from home occasionally, but it doesn't look like this is going to happen now. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm pretty much a novice to this, so layman's terms please.


  oldbeefer2 14:22 07 Aug 2008

Mobile BB is slow - I'm told the best is 512 and often much less. Do you have a strong mobile signal to your phone? If not, that could be causing the disconnections. You might be better off by biting the bullet and going for the excellent ADSL BB deal that users of 02 can get - my daughter's is fast and reliable and less than 8 quid a month!

  PC Bilbo 17:26 13 Aug 2008

Did you get the combined Mobile & Free Home Broadband package or just Mobile. Have you asked to be connected at home?

click here

  missy_j 11:56 14 Aug 2008

I called o2 and they said that this is what I should expect, that i will keep getting disconnected from the net and have to rejoin the queue to reconnect every so often. It's rubbish! So I'm going to cancel my contract (still within 14 days) and get home broadband instead. What a pain.

  john4efc66 18:03 17 Aug 2008

Get AOL ive had them for four years never a problem at all never disconnects and the signal is always max.. good rates too free calls and all that.. good luck

  tullie 20:05 17 Aug 2008

Pity you hadent looked into it first.

  RobCharles1981 00:06 18 Aug 2008

Hang on in there Missy_i

Before you jump into decisions for a new ISP I want you to do two things for me.

1. click here
What does Samknows tell you what you can get at your exchange???

2. Can you obtain your Line Stats? Do you use a router or modem? Click on the link below to find your line stats for your modem.

click here

Don't listen to john4efc66 AOL are a waste of space.

  oldbeefer2 09:21 18 Aug 2008

She says she bought O2's MOBILE broadband. To me that means she is connecting via the mobile network which is why it's so slow. It sounds as though she has decided to go 'proper' broadband which, if she has any sense, will be with O2 as well.

  RobCharles1981 11:04 18 Aug 2008

No No hang before you make any changes here do what I said in point 1 goto Samknows and enter your landline number ect and post the results back here.

  missy_j 11:12 18 Aug 2008

I really appreciate everyone's help here! I have decided to go "proper" broadband but unfortunately I didn't have a BT line (hence the mobile broadband) so I'm waiting for them to provide me with a landline. Once I know the number I'll post the details that Rob has requested. I am thinking of taking o2's home broadband. I know the mobile didn't work out but I've heard good things about the home? My boyfriend is suggesting BT... can anyone advise?

  oldbeefer2 12:02 18 Aug 2008

It depends a lot where you live. If you are near an O2 'bundled' exchange and have an O2 mobile, their broadband deal is very good. If not, then the choice is huge and everyone will have his/her favorites. Personally, I am with a small company, Vispa, who charge £18 a month with a capped download BUT they have an office in Cheshire and the phone is answered in seconds by people who speak English and sort any problems out in minutes (local call costs, too). Best to look at the various forums and make up your own mind. Rob - please read my previous post - she is not on landline broadband, but mobile.

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