New laptop - how do I establish broadband?

  clare19811 13:52 26 Jun 2006

I've just bought an Acer 2423 Travelmate and a BT Router 2110. I'm new to laptops and I'm struggling to get access the internet. I've continually had the message "No Dial Tone". I've been told by a friend that the modem in my laptop is dial up and that I need to configure the router so that the laptop automatically uses the router's modem rather than the laptop modem. Does anyone know how I go about doing this?

Thanks so much in advance for your help, will throw the thing out the window tonight if I can't sort it!

  Mad Mick 14:00 26 Jun 2006

Can you set the router up by using the ethernet cable? That should be your first task, then make sure the wireless facility is enabled on the laptop (on my Dell Inspiron 9300 the key combination Fn F2 enables the wireless function).

  Giggsy252 14:01 26 Jun 2006

well if you are using broadband, plug the RJ45 cable (its bigger than the RJ11 dial up modem cable :) ) into the laptop and it should automatically detect a broadband connection. if not go to internet explorer, tools, options, connections and tick the box where it says "never dial a connection."

It should now automatcially detect the broadband connection.

Im a relative beginner aswell so i might be wrong. I am sure i will be corrected promptly if so :)

good luck

  Ikelos 14:41 26 Jun 2006

has the laptop got a network card, if it has, set up the router with the disk that came with it, if the card is in the laptop it will find it without you doing anything..

  clare19811 14:49 26 Jun 2006

It does have a built in network card. It will find the router no problem but it still comes up saying it's unable to connect as no dial tone. Do I just need to switch it to "never dial a connection" as Giggsy suggested?

  martjc 14:58 26 Jun 2006 as he suggests. Also, put the disk that came with the router in the drive and run it's software.
Usually, these things are all automatic and don't need much intervention from you.

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