New laptop, HDD from old laptop

  RIPInspiron 19:54 20 Jul 2014

My old laptop died - not sure what, but the hard disk survived. That disk was split into 2 visible drives - programs on one, data files on the other. In a dock on my new laptop, it appears only as one drive - the data drive. What I am looking for are the POP3 mail messages, which I believe only exist on that drive(?). I can find various mail files/shortcuts etc. on the old disk, but not the mails. My old laptop had both MS Mail and Outlook, the new one only has Outlook, the majority of the mails that I need were on Mail.

Where do I look please? Do I need to load MS Mail to the new laptop?

  Woolwell 20:09 20 Jul 2014

Questions: What was your old OS, was it Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, new OS?

They would have been stored on the old C drive which appears you cannot access.

  RIPInspiron 21:01 20 Jul 2014

I believe that the old OS was Mail - part of MS Works (until I bought Office and changed to Outlook, so both existed on the old machine.) New machine is Office only - Outlook.

I had a horrible feeling that the "invisible" C drive might be a problem... Is it completely beyond access?

  Woolwell 21:20 20 Jul 2014

Mail wasn't part of Works. Were you using Mail or Outlook on your old system? Did you have XP?

  RIPInspiron 22:14 20 Jul 2014

I am working from memory and the backup discs supplied by Dell when I bought the old laptop around 4 years ago - it was loaded with Vista Home Premium and Works 9 - my recollection was that the original email OS was MS Mail

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:50 20 Jul 2014

first get all the data of the second "data" artitition before you do anything else.

Second have a look in disk management to see if it shows the other partition, probably as a RAW drive.

Unless your machine shows this partition you will get nothing from it.

sometimes just running chkdsk /f on it may solve the problem and the files will become accessible

if not then we need to look at some recovery options.

  imendpc 00:27 21 Jul 2014

Windows Mail is the default for Vista unless you installed Windows Live Mail but in any event the all important mail messages in both cases is on the c: drive! For Windows Mail the default location for mail messages is C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail . the mail messages are in different folders such as "inbox", "outbox" "junk e-mail".... in "C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders and the Windows Mail program is normally default to C:\Program Files\Windows Mail

As others have said, you need several recovery programs when you have a lost or missing partition which in your case is the C: drive or partition. It is a case of some working better than others dependent on the underlying issue. A program that you will need to copy off at least your d: drive ("data" disk) and preferably "clone" you entire hard disk at a "raw" level or byte for byte level. Chances are that when your computer died the c: partition file allocation table was damaged. One program that may work with recovery a lost or missing partition is EaseUS Data Recovery. Another program is "GetDataBack for NTFS or FAT" from click here which cost nothing from memory. (The latter was one that I used successfully for a NTFS file allocation table issue a few months ago and I recovered everything at the file level.

  RIPInspiron 18:22 21 Jul 2014

Many thanks - a lot to go at there - when I have the time......

Pain in the proverbial or what?

  wee eddie 19:01 21 Jul 2014

Aside from the problems of recovery.

All your MS Office/Outlook mail will be stored in the .pst file

  woodchip 21:49 21 Jul 2014

What about Dual Booting the Drive!

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