new laptop hdd

  dvdcllns 13:54 26 Jan 2010

I thought this thread was resolved, not so.
I have fitted the new HDD to the laptop and changed the setup to read the DVD drive before any other. It whirs away and all I get is a message stating that the internal HDD does not have a bootable sector. Does this mean I should format the drive from another machine before fitting it? If so what format Fat32 etc etc. I'm going to load Vista HP. Meanwhile, I thought that the setup, when run, offered to format the drive anyway. Any ideas out there?
Much appreciated.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:02 26 Jan 2010

from an external cd/dvd and use the fdisk utility.


  cream. 14:04 26 Jan 2010

and start the computer. Vista will prepare the disk for you.

You will have to have a NTFS file format for vista.

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