New Laptop--Hard drive has been partitioned!!!

  BLUELEN 20:53 24 Sep 2004

Just purchased an Acer laptop (eldest off to uni). Noticed that hard drive has a C drive approx 15gb and a D drive 10gb approx. why has the company done this and can I have the C drive back to the full amount or should I leave well alone? Thanks.

  stalion 20:55 24 Sep 2004

if you are not happy with the partition take it back

  Diodorus Siculus 20:58 24 Sep 2004

Partitioning is useful so I would leave it - maybe partition a little more!

Is there anything on either partition? Maybe even another hidden partition? 25GB is a funny size - even after formatting you should have about 27-28gb if it is a 30gb disk.

Maybe there is a system partition.

  BLUELEN 21:07 24 Sep 2004

Diodorus Siculus

Actual space on drives shown in Properties are:

Cdrive - used space 2.17gb
free space 15.9gb

Ddrive - used space 0.98gb
free space 8.77gb

Does this seem ok and what are the benefits of having it partitioned? thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 21:27 24 Sep 2004

Yes, that seems sensible.

I advocate partitioning because it means that you can save data (my documents, emails, etc.) on a driver other than the boot drive. Then if (when) something goes wrong, you can reinstall with less chance of data being lost.

It does not mean that you can avoid backing up, but it is a second layer of protection.

  stalion 21:32 24 Sep 2004

I am not going to get in to whether to partition or not.But I did not think it was normal practice to partition a hard drive on a new laptop or computer someone correct me if I am wrong.

  VoG II 21:34 24 Sep 2004

Is D the recovery disk/partition?

  It's Me 21:40 24 Sep 2004

Why and what is this used space on both the Drives.

It is supposed to be a new Laptop.

It doesn't make any sense to me.

When the drives are double clicked in 'My Computer' what do they show as being therein.

  Djohn 21:48 24 Sep 2004

The used space on the C drive is accounted for by formatting of drive, allowance for the hidden recovery partition which will be quite small as the files are compressed. The operating system and any programs loaded. The small amount used on the D drive is formatting and labelling.

  BLUELEN 21:48 24 Sep 2004

VoG (sorry don't know how to do the rest of your name or make it bold)

Don't appear to have any info supplied on the partitions, but have been supplied with various recovery disks. (are any of these likely to hold a copy of XP?) Thanks

  Djohn 22:04 24 Sep 2004

Yes, one of them will but it may be a version that is locked to that particular PC. If you wish to have just the 1 drive then insert the recovery CD and follow the on screen instructions. It will delete the D partition by formating the drive and re-installing the system as 1 drive.

All files/drivers are on the hidden partition and will be reinstated onto the 1 C drive, you will see a message on screen when it is ready for you to insert the second CD that has XP operating system on it.

Just follow the instructions given by clicking yes as required and set your regional language, time zone and name, It should not require you to "Activate" as this will have been done already.

I did this very same procedure for a neighbour 2 days back even though I personally would have left it has DS suggest. j.

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