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New laptop computer

  manrow 10:06 25 Aug 2013

Having had a procession of reg fixers and other such extraneous software pop ups clogging up previous computers, I thought I would ask what experienced users would now load onto their computers to permit uninterrupted long-term use?!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 25 Aug 2013

A question that is asked many times here on the forum

to be honest its a matter of choice and opsystem will make a difference.


1 firewall

1 antivirus (two will clash)

as much antispyware as you like depending on how paranoid you are:0)

a cleaner and a blocker can also be very useful

Paid for or free?


XP Needs a third party firewall such as ZoneAlarm (I run Sygate) Avast antivirus, Malwarebytes antispyware (superantspyware as a backup or in preference), SpywareBlaster as a blocker and CCleaner as junk file eliminator and lots of other useful tool in it as well including the only safe reg cleaner I would recommend)

Vista / W7 Own firewall are good enough, add the other stuff from the XP list

  Secret-Squirrel 12:27 25 Aug 2013

"..had a procession of reg fixers and other such extraneous software pop ups clogging up previous computers....."

The best advice to prevent those programs getting installed is to be extra careful in what you download and install. It's very easy nowadays whilst searching for free software to inadvertently click on the wrong thing and end up with a so-called "Registry fixer", "System Optimiser", or other similar utility that promises a magical fix for all manner of Windows problems.

If you do install something you didn't want or ask for then removal is usually very straightforward. Simply go to Control Panel-> Programs and Features (or "Add/Remove Programs" for XP) and uninstall it.

Because those types of programs aren't always classed as malware, you'll find that most security programs simply won't detect anything.

  manrow 19:28 26 Aug 2013

Thanks fruitbat, the sort of advice I had expected. This laptop has windows 8 with touch screen so I am a bit slow to find out how to do anything!

Thanks Secret-Squirrel, you have pointed straight to where I have gone wrong in the past. I am minded to adopt a system such as Sandboxie so I can download anything with impunity it seems, although you need to be rigorous with it in use. Anyone any experience of this or similar software and is it the answer?

I have 2 friend with whom I usually discuss computer problems; one says one of the Reg XXX packages will keep you out of trouble. The other says change your computer every 3 years to keep up-to-date and don't touch reg cleaners?!

  Secret-Squirrel 20:06 26 Aug 2013

manrow, all Registry cleaners are little more than snake oil and should be avoided so take your other friend's good advice. If you do use one, then at best you'll notice no improvement, and at worst it'll wreck your computer.

If the windows Registry really needed cleaning, repairing, defragging or optimising then Microsoft would have bundled such a tool with Windows years ago.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:57 27 Aug 2013

"I have 2 says one of the Reg XXX packages will keep you out of trouble......"

I found a few links this morning that you and your friend may find informative:

Are Registry Cleaners Safe to Use?

Is it necessary to have a Registry Cleaner?

The dangers of registry cleaners

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