New Laptop can't see network

  [DELETED] 14:56 18 Mar 2006

Hi we have a 4 terminal network:
PC1 XPPro(SP1); Laptop1 (W98); LT2 XPPro(SP1); PC2 W98 (disconnected and being replaced). We use PC1 as file store and call it the "server" everybody reads/writes to it.

Have just replaced LT1 with new XPPro(SP2) machine. it Can access internet through the router (vigor 2600+) and can see shared files on LT2. LT2 can also see new LT1 and access shared folder. The new LT1 sees PC1 in network places but when click on it get "Access not allowed contact administrator etc etc".

Have turend off windows firewall and Norton Firewall and antivirus (although I feel this is risky - esp if LT is being used at home directly to internet). On the new LT1 when it network places it shows the correct IP address and subnet etc. In the DHCP IP Assignment table from the router all shows correct as well. 95% is working but it is the 5% that is critical. Do I need to change something on PC1 (server)? Haven't as LT2 and PC1 still see each other and also LT2 and LT1 are communicating. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

  mgmcc 18:00 18 Mar 2006

The claptrap that Windows regurgitates about nobody having permission to do anything is a generic message it displays whenever there is a problem accessing a remote computer. It is misleading and frequently wrong.

In the new laptop, try entering the path to it directly into the address bar in "My Network Places", either by IP address or by Name, for example:



If that still doesn't help, use the option in the Tools menu to "Map Network Drive", enter the path as above but also use the option to "Connect using a different user name" and make sure you enter the Username & Password that the remote PC is logged i with.

  [DELETED] 19:59 18 Mar 2006

Something that is often an easy fix for this sort of issue is to use the IPX protocol for file sharing instead of TCP/IP.

Enter Help and Support and search for "enable ipx sharing". You'll find instructions for how to install and use this protocol.

  [DELETED] 20:00 18 Mar 2006

And it can also help if you are using mixed OSs across your network.

  [DELETED] 03:03 19 Mar 2006

Hi Guys, thanks for the ideas. I'll try these on Monday. I've tried entering the router IP into the address bar in the browser but not when in network places. On the other machines if I enter the router address I get the set up menu, but on the new machine it fails. I've tried to map the drive but without success.

I'll also try the IPX approach. On all our machine we have a NetBEUI protocol, but I think that's not necessary now we all have XP Pro??

Could I be looking in the wrong place? That is do I need to do something to the main PC. When in its networkplaces it can't see the new laptop. I think I saw something about running the network set up wizard on all machines. I've been trying to solve the LT1 problem before moving on (I think in straight lines) but should I set up the new PC2 as well and create a completely new workgroup?? My fear is nobody will be able to see anything - then I'll see my P45!!!

Finally, I've made two posts to this forum and both times the I've had to retype them as they just disappear when I click "post". Am I just stupid?

  [DELETED] 07:19 19 Mar 2006

I sometimes have the same posting problems. I think the 'timeout' when logged on is fairly short and I've exceeded it. Maybe the same with you if your answer is long/complex?

  mgmcc 08:30 19 Mar 2006

<<< I'll also try the IPX approach. On all our machine we have a NetBEUI protocol, but I think that's not necessary now we all have XP Pro? >>>

Windows XP's default networking protocol is TCP/IP but IPX/SPX can easily be installed by clicking the "Add" button in the Adapter's Properties box. By default NetBEUI is not available in XP, but it is on the CD and can very easily be implemented if that's the protocol that you are currently using with other computers in the network.

  [DELETED] 14:32 19 Mar 2006

Do I need to change anything to do with file sharing on the main PC? That is, does it need to know the name of the new LT or is the fact that it is on the end of the cable from the router and has the correct IP address enough? Do I have to tell it it is ok to share files with the new Laptop? The new LT has a new name but is on the same workgroup.

Also what about creating a new workgroup all together - but then this might lose the network for everybody. At present if my colleague plugs in her old LT it sees the server fine - if I mess this up she won't be happy.

  [DELETED] 15:55 19 Mar 2006

In order to share folders (note; I don't call it file sharing because it's really folder sharing) you must...

1) run the NSW on all clients, wired and wireless, configuring it accordingly. You MUST remember that when the wizard is run, it displays its default workgroup name every time, so you must change it to the chosen workgroup name, otherwise you're going nowhere fast.

2) Go through the process of making certain folders shared, remembering that not all folders can be shared if they are subject to other user permissions/privacy settings/etc.

3) Place links to those folders in My Network Places on every client via the Add a Network Place option on the task pane.

4) Configure all software firewalls to permit the relevant communications throughout the LAN (for obvious reasons, I can't advise you how, as I don't know what firewalls you use).

5) Double-check the properties of your network on each client has the necessary file-sharing protocol enabled and check in Services to make sure that it is running (Run services.msc)

  mgmcc 16:17 19 Mar 2006

When the PC you are accessing is running XP Professional, it is normally necessary to have an account set up in it with a Username & Password which matches that with which you are logged in to the "client" PC, see this article click here

Any firewall software might also need to be reconfigured to allow for the new laptop.

  [DELETED] 19:18 19 Mar 2006

Dear All, Just a note to thank you for the advice and helpful suggestions. As you may have guessed the problem has been fixed. Trouble is I'm not sure what I did.

The articles on PC Stats and Practically Networking were also valuable as they gave loads of detailed info.

I think I did one of two things The new laptop was not password protected and so it just started. I changed this so now when it starts it asks for an administrator password. I'm not sure if without this Windows wasn't seeing it as logged on. The other thing I did was run the network set up on the new LT and the server (my laptop seems to be fine without it). So it may have been either or both of these.

Either way the inspiration came from u guys!! So it's onward and upward to the new desktop next week (may see you again soon!!) Thanks again. JBX22

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