new laptop cant get back to my network

  it wisna me 16:43 26 Sep 2008

My laptop packed so I got an acer today but I cant get connected to my network,have entered wep key no. not responding,how do I go about setting it up on the network

  baldydave 16:51 26 Sep 2008

Do you find your network ok,is wireless enabled?
what does network manager show?has it got a red cross on the connection?if so does it say local or local and internet?if local only right click pick properties look for ip6 and ip4 click on these and make sure obtain ip address automatically is picked.
i take it you have vista.

  kindly 16:52 26 Sep 2008

When you got the laptop and turned it on did it ask for the key.

  hakos 18:56 26 Sep 2008

baldydave running win/xp pro.on new computer cant get connected to my setup,my network is in good working order.went into network manager three icons,first (1394 connection) connected, firewalled.second(local area connection)network cable unpluged.third(wireless network connection) not connected,firewalled. on behalf of wasna me

  tullie 19:20 26 Sep 2008

Have you plugged it in first to router to set it up wired,then go wireless?

  hakos 19:45 26 Sep 2008

hi tullie, thought about it but bieng a novice was not sure if i needed a separet cable or if i could use the one that is attached to my main box at present.

  tullie 19:54 26 Sep 2008

You could set it up using the cable you have plugged into other computer then plug back into other pc.Then go wireless on laptop.

  hakos 20:06 26 Sep 2008

would like a talk through the procedure and i will have a go tullie

  tullie 20:15 26 Sep 2008

Could some else answer this please,had a mental block,lol

  it wisna me 20:22 26 Sep 2008

we all get like that at some stage myself i am just going mental

  tullie 20:35 26 Sep 2008

Whilst we are waiting,plug it in and see what happens

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