New Laptop built in programmes

  hawthorn59 01:53 17 Feb 2010

Hi folks

Just got shinly new HP laptop with Windows 7. Its 3gig ram, 300g hard drive so should be fast.

It has the following items on the desktop, or shortcuts to them. Should I delete these? I dont see myself using them. Will it make any difference to speed, performance? If I do, should I uninstal them completely or just remove the shortcuts (I hate the new desktop being so cluttered already!)

HP Support Assistant (not sure..if I'll need it)
Magic Desktop (a full environment for kids,
cute but I could do without it!)
MS Office 60 Day Trial -- I use MS Works,
but in the past, uninstalling Office
interfered with Works

Norton Internet Security -- looks nice,better
than previous? But I think Microsoft
Security Essentials will do
Play HP Games - about 40 trial games from HP,
could get rid of once Ive tried them!

On the bottom of the screen theres an icon for HP Mediasmart. This appears to be a media centre; I havent tried it yet. It might be useful though Im quite happy with WMP11. Anyone heard a review of it or tried it? Would you delete it?

Finally Im goin to try Microsoft Security Essentials. Unless you tell me that the latest Norton Internet Security is amazing, and inexpensive after the trial!!!

Many thanks, and grateful for all opinions!


  robin_x 03:28 17 Feb 2010

I have had Compaq since Nov, but it's the same setup. Not sure what the excat Compaq/HP relationship is and who owns who, brand names etc.

1. AV first. Microsoft Sec Essentials or Avira, Avast, AVG etc. Whatever you prefer.

2. I tend to create lots of manual restore points, in case I break stuff.
Click Start and start typing System Protection Settings in the search box.

Click the icon when you see it and create restore points frequently is my advice.

If any of the following goes wrong, just restore before you did it. Uninstall where possible and when you can re-install from a free source.

I dont' know if you can recover individual applications from the recovery partition. I could on my old Compaq.

HP Support Assistant (not sure..if I'll need it) -KEPT, JUST IN CASE AND FOR BACKGROUND INFO.

Magic Desktop (a full environment for kids,
cute but I could do without it!) - UNINSTALLED (REVO)
MS Office 60 Day Trial -- I use MS Works,
but in the past, uninstalling Office
interfered with Works
Norton Internet Security - UNINSTALLED WITH REVO.

I have MS Office 2000 which I got working.
(I have the original CD and see no need to keep upgrading in spite of security holes...hmmm maybe I will change to OpenOffice on further thought.)

If you Works packs up after uninstalling Office Trial, you can download it again from the MS Website. (maybe others could comment on that likelihood?)

KEEP MEDIASMART and Games till you sure whether you want them.

Make sure you get a set of decent Utils. from eg

Firefox, Ccleaner, Revo Uninstaller, Malwarebytes,
Superantispyware, AdBlock for FF or IE.
There is a lot of overlap between security progs.
I am no expert on all the differences but I quite like WinPatrol in addition to AV.

Dont forget to make your recovery DVDs and use Windows Backup thing when you have finished setting up your laptop how you like it.

Have fun.

  mgmcc 08:40 17 Feb 2010

There is an application called "PC Decrapifier" click here specifically for removing the junk that comes pre-installed in a new computer.

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