New laptop bleep and shut down etc - help!

  littlestan 21:42 21 Mar 2008

I have a 4 month old HP laptop with windows vista. All well and good for first 3 months and all incompatibility issues resolved with switching from xp to vista. However I now have a serious problem with it sending a popping noise and then shuts down - usually when starting up.

Then when I try to reboot will only sometimes allow me to press the return key to restart. Sometimes successful. However latterly will just give out loud pop noise and shuts off - when trying to reboot message is then to 'relaunch'.

Again, when I am able to hit the return in time as sometimes it just keeps shutting off before giving me time to even press return, it then scans for problems. Restores itself sometimes and usually says to consult techncian or similar. Driving me mad. Very careful and no unusual downloads. Only upgrade I have done lately was on javascript message. All other things update automatically. No new software installed. Just this awful popping sound and then off it goes. Thinking of taking it back to shop but feel fight on my hands. Anyone had this problem and solved it! Thanks

  woodchip 21:53 21 Mar 2008

Contact HP, they are very good. I would go so far as to say excellent support

  littlestan 22:09 21 Mar 2008

Many thanks - have sent an e-mail to HP but do you/anyone know a contact number in UK to call them - total mine field as to actually find a number to speak to a person!! Thanks

  woodchip 22:12 21 Mar 2008

Will have have look first chance, but they will be shut while after easter

  littlestan 22:24 21 Mar 2008

Many thanks, very much appreciated.

  woodchip 22:57 21 Mar 2008

Think this what I used,

If you get nno where let me know on hear, and I will check my e-mails and docs.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:08 21 Mar 2008

Remove battery and try just with the mains cable plugged in.

  woodchip 23:12 21 Mar 2008

You could also try running System Restore to a older date

  woodchip 23:24 21 Mar 2008

You may have to try restore in safe mode

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