New laptop battery ??

  Petesilver 21:44 30 Nov 2011

Have just bought a new battery for my HP laptop NX6125 evrything seems ok but the power warning options do not seem to work the laptop just goes on until there is no power and cuts out without any of the warnings I have set. is there something else I ought to be doing ??

  onthelimit1 08:54 01 Dec 2011

Page 2-13 onwards of the HP software guide from here may help.

  Petesilver 13:40 02 Dec 2011

All works ok re battery or mains its just that I don't get any warning when the battery gets very low although I have set it in powere options. The HP guides are very good but nothing in them to solve my I am still at a loss as what I can do ??

  Petesilver 13:36 03 Dec 2011

I am still hoping someone out there can help me solve this problem, so just a bit more info might help ..... The battery is lasting quite well almost 2 hours and that is mostly online but the power warning setup does not work when it got to about 20/23% the laptop just cuts out no warning no nothing. Have been looking at various things and I think the laptop still thinks its got the original battery according to the number, been in the BIOS and cannot find anything in there that might help me, all I can think of is that although the battery works fine the software somehow does not to recognize the fact that I have changed the battery......any Idea's ??

  Petesilver 13:41 03 Dec 2011

Oh! one thing I forgot to say is the battery does differ slightly for the original in APH is higher would that make a difference ??

  Bris 14:10 03 Dec 2011

Is it a genuine HP battery and the same part number as the old one? If not then thats probably the problem. Cant comment on laptop batteries but I do know that some camcorder batteries come with extra terminals that allow the capacity to be monitored by the camcorder. Although you have checked the BIOS, is it possible that this monitoring is a function of the OS, in which case this suggests that a driver might be involved?

  Bris 14:03 04 Dec 2011

Further to my previous post, this may help....

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