New Laptop Battery

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 12:50 07 Mar 2006

Afternoon all,

I've order a replacement laptop battery for a family member, I fairly sure it's the right one - and will work perfectly well.

However, I am by no means an expert on laptops, so would appreciate it if you have any advice that I could pass on when using a new battery - I found this on the website that sold me the battery:


How to charge/condition your new laptop battery

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you "condition" your new battery before you use it - you must understand that ALL new batteries behave erratically until they have been conditioned properly. Many people think there is a fault when they actually have a perfectly good battery which simply requires proper conditioning.

You will receive your laptop battery fully discharged and unconditioned. If you turn on your laptop, expecting it to work straight away you will be dissapointed. Your battery will normally take 3 or 4 charges to reach it's proper capacity and operation (sometimes more charges are needed) - until this time it is usual for it to perform strangely and hold only a little charge. Also, the LEDs and charge indicators on your charger and laptop will not give accurate information until the battery is fully conditioned - so dont take too much notice of what they do or dont indicate - just follow the instructions below.

On the first charge, your laptop may indicate that charging is complete after a short period of around 15 mins. This is to be expected - simply remove the battery from your laptop and repeat the charging procedure. You should then use your laptop - WITHOUT the assistance of mains power, until the battery completely runs down.

Repeat the above procedure around 4 times in total over the course of the next few days - make sure you allow you battery sufficient time to get a full charge, normally an overnight charge will suffice"

Is this accurate? Could I just forward this or is there more to it?

  Batch 12:54 07 Mar 2006

See click here for the low down on batteries

  rmcqua 12:58 07 Mar 2006

That's a pretty accurate summary of the best way to treat NiMH batteries.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 13:03 07 Mar 2006

It's actually a Lithium ion battery - does this make a substantial difference?

  spuds 13:10 07 Mar 2006

Don't know if this applies to your particular battery. But I purchased a replacement battery for a similar device, and the supplier recommended this method. 1st charge about 12/18 hours, then switch off, then switch on. Leave it to charge until the charger states 'complete or fully charged' the go through the process again. After about four times or five going through the on/off procedures, the battery should be 'conditioned'.

It worked for me, and if I think the battery is not up to par, then I give it the extra on/off charge time on occasions.

Best to double check with the supplier or manufacturer, so as to not void any warranties.

  rmcqua 13:34 07 Mar 2006

The Ghost of Inept Pig:
Soory, my bad, that's what I meant.
Your family member doesn't need to do any more than the advice suggests.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 14:17 07 Mar 2006

Thanks all - I think it should be sufficent advice to stop them coming back to me and telling me that the new battery is 'broken'


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