New Laptop-am i stuck with Windows 8??!!

  hawthorn59 17:11 05 Oct 2013

Hi Folks

My current laptop is just 5 yrs old now and I think I might be able to treat myself to a new one.....but....Im afraid of Windows 8!


Is it possible to get new laptop with Win 7 instead? (prob not)

Or would it even be advisable ie is the move to Win 8 inevitable?

Is Win 8 going to be radically changed/replaced with the next new OS?

Any good experiences here with Win 8?!

Also, if I do get it, do I need new version of MS and many other programmes?

Thanks folks


  rdave13 17:47 05 Oct 2013

Win 7 laptops, some on Amazon but I'm sure if you search there should be other outlets.

  hastelloy 13:36 06 Oct 2013

Novatech give you a choice.

  Woolwell 13:50 06 Oct 2013

You can get used to W8. I like the quick boot up. I have a touchscreen laptop and it works well on W8. But I do not find it to be so intuitive as earlier versions of Windows. I prefer W7 and when I recently ordered a new PC I specified W7 not W8. There is no need to be afraid of W8 but it is different.

  rdave13 16:31 06 Oct 2013

I prefer W8 over W7. Best OS produced by Microsoft in my humble opinion. The update will make it even better.

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